UCK- 10

I finally got round to wearing my second leather jacket that my honey and I picked up from the Bull Ring in Birmingham.  Yes it’s still cold out but I couldn’t resist; it wasn’t quite freezing but still, I made sure I piled on the layers underneath (vest, t-shirt, cardigan, jacket).  I love that it’s a slightly cropped bomber jacket that nips in nicely at the waist; makes a change to most of my other jackets. (more…)



I’ve had this jacket for what feels like forever, without getting a chance to sport it due to the weather being too gosh-darn-it cold for a fitted leather jacket.  I threw it over my grey skulls and roses sweatshirt, which I didn’t realise before but the roses are the perfect shade for the jacket and my Leigh jeans from Topshop (TALL of course), I finished the look off with my Wang-esque River Island heels and a wild mane of curls.  Shortly after these pics were taken I got a call which spelled out big change for the personal life, definitely looking forward to it. Starting 2013 right! (more…)



Last night we went over to Remi’s cousin’s house, she had a tattoo artist come over and made a bit of a party out of it inviting people round to get something done.  I wore an outfit full of comfy faves head-to-toe; I love outfits like that.  Unfortunately we got there a little too late to get some ink, perhaps we’ll get something at the next one. (more…)



Thursday gone was my good friend Dyonne’s birthday, first stop, dinner at Satay Bar in Brixton; next the BBT dance with my honey.  I found this SICK tee as I was passing through Topshop and couldn’t resist it, teamed it with my old monochrome striped skirt that I’ve barely worn, and my Zara sandals.  We lined our bellies, got a lil tipsy and danced til 6 in the morning – kicking off a great start to the festive season! (more…)