I love denim in all it’s forms, I mean, who doesn’t?! It has to be the easiest thing to wear from day to day, right? But a triple denim look? I’ve never tried that!

Cyrena Monique Triple Denim 7


I’ve rocked double denim on the odd occasion but never made a habit out of it, not even when it was a trend.  So as you can imagine triple denim never entered my head.  My dad, is always rocking the Canadian tuxedo!  His denim collection would be a dream to raid! We have the same leg length, but not the same waist size. (more…)


I love a good fashion hybrid – black florals are my fave!

fashion hybrid

I’ve always loved the use of juxtaposition in fashion; well it extends a little further than fashion, hence the name of the blog.  However, the fashion hybrid mix of high/low (runway/high street), smart/casual (blazer, tee, jeans, heels), or hard/soft (leather/chiffon); in this case it’s bodycon and oversized, and a little bit of day/night action with the neckpiece.

Over the past few years, it’s something that’s become more mainstream as more and more celebs have got into the whole sports wear/street chic style and the masses follow suit.



Rose gold is my favourite metal, and is fast becoming my favourite neutral!

Rose Gold 1

Three-colour Russian wedding bands (I used to work in a jewellers when I was younger) made me think I hated rose gold; yet I’ve always loved shiny new pennies. I think I just hated the rings. Anyhoo, rose gold is my absolute fave! Even when I would wear gold costume jewellery and it would turn copper before it went black? Love!!! LOL

Rosy neutrals are fast becoming a wardrobe fave too. Wait let’s not jump the gun, I mean nothing will ever take over my obsession with all things BLACK; but grey might have to budge over for a minute!




OK, so, I spent the summer belly aching about the weather and how hot it was not; now I have a closet full of new A/W clothes that I want to bust out and it’s too warm. Go figure!  (more…)