What can I say, I’m completely in love with this song, it’s one of those songs you can totally lose yourself in. The track itself sounds “blurry”, that mixed with Hope Sandoval’s “whispery” vocals layered over the top makes the song wonderfully sinful and seductive.

I’ve uploaded two vids for this track, the first is the uninterrupted audio, while the second is the official video/low budget film that was produced for the single. *I must warn you the second video features explicit content, so if you are at work, or just don’t want to see any pornographic images what-so-ever don’t watch it!*

The second video was officially released online to promote the album Heligoland, on which the track features. Directed by Toby Dye, the film features clips from an old pornographic film (I imagine it’s from some point in the 70s judging from dude’s mustache; just checked, it was 1973, and the film was The Devil in Miss Jones) interspersed with an interview of the now aged female star Georgina Spelvin, who describes each stage of a film-oriented sex act and emphasizes the added erotic excitement of the camera.

To see the vid with unblurred explicit scenes go here.

Which vid will you choose?

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