Making friends is something that children do very easily. However, it’s something that adults find more difficult. But why is this?

Well, for a start, children have fewer inhibitions and this makes them naturally more extroverted. Talking to other children and being inquisitive is something that comes naturally to kids. This is why it is so easy for them for forge friendships at an early age.

Adults, on the other hand, find this process much more awkward and the thought of making new friends as an adult can seem very difficult indeed. Often, they are too busy with their work, spouses and children to even think about making new friends. Furthermore, in the case of young professionals, they find themselves relocating on a regular basis due to their work. This means that friendships don’t usually get a chance to blossom or be sustained.

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So what’s the answer? There isn’t one specific solution but the following three tips will have you making new friends in no time; even as an adult:

Hobbies, interests and activities

It might sound simple, but making friends who have similar interests to you can be an easy process. Have a look in your local area for clubs or societies that relate to your hobbies. Not only will you enjoy going to them but you are also likely to meet other adults. Moreover, these individuals share the same interests as you, so you have a common denominator to start a conversation about. Converse with the people at the club and, if you enjoy their company, make arrangements to meet up regularly.

Engage with your colleagues

Most of the time, colleagues are people that you just see at work. You talk to them about meetings, projects and deadlines. However, there is no reason why your colleagues can’t also become your friends outside of the work environment.

Next time you ask one of your colleagues for a Monday morning report, also enquire about their weekend. You may find that they spend their weekends in much the same way as yourself and that you have common interests.

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Meet your neighbours

The chances are that you exchange a smile or a “hello” with people in your apartment block, but that’s about it. People often feel shy and awkward when it comes to chatting with neighbours and overly-polite instincts take over.

A new neighbour is an even better opportunity to make a friend as you have lots of angles for conversation and you can even offer to help them unpack. They will be glad to make a new friend right away and it could turn out to be a lasting friendship.

Friendships can stand the test of time but they require that both parties make an effort. Modern technology makes keeping in contact very easy and convenient. Call, text and even interact on social networks to keep friendships alive. This does not mean, however, that a once-a-year birthday greeting on Facebook counts as regular contact. Instead, make the effort to buy a gift and pay that person a visit. Gift shopping doesn’t have to be a laborious process either, especially with online retailers such as offering great ranges of more bespoke items for both men and women.

There are many resources to help people make new friends as adults, such as and It can be well worth setting up a profile just to see what happens.

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