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All of us are given the hair we have, and for some, this can mean many different things. For instance, 4C hair can be quite tough to manage but looks incredible, while less thick and curly variants may be easier to manage but may not offer so much buoyancy. 

Of course, the hair you have is also defined by your gender, age and ethnicity, as it is a natural offshoot of your body’s production of hair molecules. Some people may even want to know ‘how much does a hair transplant cost roughly?’ if they notice they have begun to thin out at the top (this isn’t so uncommon for a large number of men, for instance), but then again, going bald gracefully can actually look quite good depending on the person, too.

Some people also experience conditions such as alopecia which means that their hair naturally falls out (perhaps they will then choose to rock this look or do so with the aid of wigs). 

Thankfully, perspectives are changing. No matter what hair you are blessed with, or whatever condition you have to manage, there’s a way to enjoy hair and to make the most of it. If you accept it, others will. With the following post, we’ll also discuss a few insights you may wish to apply for the healthiest hair management possible.

Wash It Appropriately, With The Right Products

Washing your hair appropriately is important. This may mean washing your hair every few days, or using cleaning lotions away from water for a time, or using combing methods and nutrient replenishing formulas to keep your hair in great condition. These necessities will depend based on what kind of hair you have, and if you have any special needs, such as managing dandruff etc. Usually, reading product reviews from people with your hair (or content creators that discuss this) can be enlightening. Stick around our hair blog for even more insight!

Care For Dyes & Treatments As Appropriate

It’s important to treat your hair carefully, because over-coloring it or over-heating it can cause problems sometimes. It’s good to plan your treatments with moderation, as well as making sure you partake in solid aftercare measures such as returning moisture to the hair before you do anything else with it.

Rock Your Look With Pride

Rocking your current look with pride, be that a different wig for each day, straightening your hair, curling it, allowing your frizz to naturally shine, cutting it short from time to time, or even shaving it, you should feel free to experiment with how your hair can naturally move and whatever other healthy additions you may be able to apply on top of that. Rocking your look with pride can also help you realize there’s no ‘right or wrong’ way to wear your hair, provided it’s healthy and taken care of. This in itself can be freeing.

With this advice, we hope you can feel comfortable working with the hair you have, and making adjustments or additions where you think this most appropriate.

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