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Beyonce posted three pics on her instagram this morn of her new short do, for a minute I thought it was a throwback pic from her Etta James playing days (it is Thursday) but then I realised wait, no, this one looks way better! Now either she has gone for the big chop, or that’s a damn goooooood lace front.

I saw one magazine repost the pics on insta saying she’s gone “natural”; yeah if natural means taking your weave out and rocking your own hair. I wish she would go for the natch look! Some of her fans are “shocked and appalled” that the the superstar mama would even dream of ditching her signature tresses that she’s had pretty much her whole life; while others are championing her for doing something new.

Maybe that fan incident made her think twice about whipping her hair so much on stage. I wonder how she’ll perform now sans the waist length hair…hmmm.

What say you? Do you like Bey’s new short look? Or do you prefer her signature look?

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