After reading Alicia Drake’s The Beautiful Fall (book about the rivalry between designers Yves Saint Laurent and Karl Lagerfeld) about 6 years ago, I have wanted to watch this movie; YSL Le Film! You know when you read a book and you visualise ab-solu-tely-ev-ery-thing that’s happening on the page? Yeah that!

The bits that I was most enamoured by were the bits about Mr YSL’s life (his trips to Marrakech, his nights in Studio 54, etc) now I know this is not The Beautiful Fall on screen, but it will be an exciting insight into Yves Saint Laurent’s life as a rising fashion designer. The film, due out in France early 2014, is heavily endorsed by Pierre Bergé (co-founder of Yves Saint Laurent’s fashion house, long term business partner, and Yves’s former life partner).

We get to watch (Pierre Niney as) him designing his most iconic pieces, defying the critics, and take a dip into his life behind closed doors.


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