Rhodes W1 is now the new home of Europe’s first Patr贸n bar.

We’ve all heard the music artists and schelebs talk about the ultra premium tequila, Patr贸n. If you don’t聽 know, it’s a chi chi tequila that’s sold in a hand made bottle (no one is the same). We were invited to Rhodes W1 for the the launch of Europe’s first Patr贸n bar in the Cumberland Hotel.

Patr贸n is great neat, on the rocks, or in cocktails; we enjoyed it in several cocktails all night!

I love everything about cocktails; the shakers, the glasses, the alcohol! The Patr贸n bar has it all and branded too. It may sound lame but I really wanted a green cocktail shaker for my kitchen (and a bottle of Patr贸n Silver too) so I could whip up my own cocktails.

As Kristin Knox (The Clothes Whisperer) said at the Levis event, “We live on the champagne and canap茅s diet”. With the Patr贸n bar being in Gary Rhodes brasserie the food just kept on coming, good food too!

The DJ turned the launch into a party with some major tunes from Major Lazer to Chris Brown/Lil Wayne.

I suggest everyone goes to have at least one cocktail at the Patr贸n bar in the Cumberland Hotel, directly opposite Marble Arch on Gt Cumberland Place. For more info on Patr贸n and custom cocktails go to Patr贸nTequila.com.

Choose wisely and drink responsibly.

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