Wednesday night we entered the Bowling Alley at Shoreditch House for a night of burgers (yum) and bowling (fun)! VIPs and friends of Lacoste (that’s us check and check) were invited to celebrate the latest collaborations from Lacoste L!VE, ILL Studio and K.I.M. We were split into team ILL Studio and K.I.M for a competitive game of bowling with team captain comedians Robin and Partridge compering. DJ Margot Bowman took to the decks and had everyone dancing in the lanes, literally! Team KIM were triumphant and rewarded with some Lacoste goodies and Haribo!

One thing’s for sure, we are not shy around food and certainly not drink; lucky for us neither are Lacoste! We ate mini burgers, salami picante & spinach & goats cheese Pizzettes and Margherita & Tuscan sausage Pizzas. Food was accompanied by some personalised cocktails – ILL Studio Mule and K.I.M Daiquiri.

Guests in attendance were: Nina Nesbit, Shingai, Roses Gabore, L Marshall, Tom Hughes, Comperes Robin & Partridge in the ILL Studio T-Shirts, Becky Tong, and Ophelia Lovibond.

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