Festivals give us all the chance to go crazy with make up and do things we would never do at home such as sticking crystals on, and drawing on our faces with face paints!

From top to bottom: Swarovski Crystals, Chrisanne.com; Glitter in Blue Lagoon, £6, Feather Eyelashes, £10, Lip and Cheek Tint, £6, Metallic Face Crayons, £7, Nail Polishes, £5, all Topshop.com; Ultra Balm, £7.50, Lush.co.uk; Eye Serum, £38, Protect and Repair SPF40, £35, CrystalClear.co.uk; Perfect Face Kit, £9.79 (or free with any 2 products), Mister Mascara @ Beautique.com

Survival Kit…

Clockwise from top left: First Aid Kit, £7.50, Poncho Pouch, £9.50, and Anit-Bacterial Gel, £1, all M&S; Weekender Hanging Travel Washbags, £36, ZPM; Large Travel Washbag, £6.85, Facecloth & Toothbrush, £4.89, Mister Mascara @ Beautique.com; Limited Edition Festival Travalo, www.theperfumeshop.com

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