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Last week I was introduced to Thumbs Up; a gift and gadget developer, developing products for lifestyle and tech. A lot of their products are targeted to the i-market, really fun and innovative gadgets that enhance the usage of the i-products (iPhone, iPad, etc). The Eyescope for iPad, available from Autumn 2012, is a clip on case that has an attachable lens to give you an extra 8x optical zoom for less than £40! There’s already one of these available for the iPhone, I might get into it! Flashback iPhone cases are a great stocking filler/Secret Santa gift priced just under £10, choose from an old school calculator, G4 camera, pill case, and old school games consoles.

For photography fans/budding photographers there are Camera Lens Cups available in black and white for £14.99, they come with a cover that you can either use to keep your drink warm or fly free; or you can use it as a lil tray for your biccies! Other products include the Padintosh, retro Mac computer clip on case for the iPad; Vega silicon watches with coloured glow in the dark faces; and a Casino Dining Set available from August for £14.99

Thumbs Up is a definite must for Christmas gifts!

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