I’ve been doing my own nails for most of my life, I worked in a boutique nail salon for a couple of years when I was younger and have mani/pedi/acrylic-ed my nails myself ever since. About 2 years ago I stopped the acrylic overlays due to my nails becoming extremely dry and brittle, since then I’ve given myself a mani/pedi every couple of weeks and my nails have come on leaps and bounds! Here’s a How To… to get your nails right, at home.

1. Remove any old nail polish using a nail polish remover that’s kind to your nails i.e. for brittle nails, soft nails, nourishing, etc.

2. Apply Orly Cutique to the cuticles, leaving it for 30-60 seconds

3. Push cuticles back using a cuticle pusher or an orange stick

4. Clip cuticles using cuticle clipper (you can use the curved scissors but I much prefer using the clippers, so much easier)

5. Shape the free edge of your nail, then rinse hands thoroughly

6. Apply a coat of Orly Top 2 Bottom to each nail

7. Apply two even coats of your desired colour to each nail, on this occasion I’m going to use Hidden Treasure from Topshop

8. Follow up with a coat of Orly Top 2 Bottom, then apply a coat of Orly In A Snap quick dry top coat to each nail

9. Marvel at your deliciously manicured nails!!!

Follow this routine every two weeks and you’ll have wonderful natural nails in no time!

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