Want permanent long lashes over night, without the use of clumpy mascara and fiddly falsies?Look no further, Kiss’ everLASHMD+ is the serum to transform your lashes from
stumpy to sexy in one easy swipe!

Kiss’ everLashMD+ is a specially formulated and clinically tested, innovative blend of peptides, nucleotides and vitamins to give you longer, fuller, healthier looking lashes in just 4-6 weeks. This hypo allergenic wonder serum is safe for contact lens wearers and even the most precious of peepers.

Key ingredients include:

♥ Peptide and nucleotide blend: Keratin boosting peptide promotes the growth of
healthier lashes.
♥ Vitamin B3, Vitamin P, Pro-Vitamin B5: Conditions and moisturises lashes and
stimulates lash growth.
♥ Gingko Leaf Extract: Contains high level of bio-flavonoids which stimulates lash
♥ Hydrolyzed Silk: Forms moisture-retentive films that protects and moisturises lash cuticles.
♥ Abyssine: Marine extract that reduces irritation and helps protects new lash growth from sun damage

Simply cleanse eyes and remove all traces of make up and eye creams, and apply a thin layer of Kiss everLASH MD+ to the base of your upper eyelashes starting from the inner corner working outwards. Use in the evening before bedtime and let the serum work it’s magic while you get your beauty sleep!

Kiss everLASH MD+ is available from Boots stores and at www.boots.com for £35.73.

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