Three Awesome “How To” Tips Everyone Should Know!

There are many reasons why you might want to learn how to do something new. Maybe you need a new skill for your job, or perhaps you just enjoy learning new things. 

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Learning how to do something is not always easy, but it can be fun and fulfilling when the time comes that you have learned successfully! 

Here are some great “how to” tips:

  1. How To Storage Your Watch

Get a watch box to store your valuable timepieces. How to store your Rolex valuable timepieces would be in their boxes when they’re not being worn to prevent damage from dust particles and other contaminants that could harm them over long periods of time.

 The less valuable watches can be kept in a nice watch drawer or on top of a dresser.

Keep an eye out for any loose screws, pins, or broken parts. If you find anything, fix the problem as soon as possible to ensure there are no complications during operations later down the road.

Clean your watch once every 2 weeks with a lint-free cloth and water. Make sure there is no residue left on the case or band before wearing it again.

  1. How To Meditate

Begin by finding a quiet space. Turn off all causes of noise, such as phone notifications and fans/air conditioners/heaters. Remove yourself from potential distractions such as windows. Make sure there are no stray objects on the floor that may cause you to trip.

Sit with your back straight up and down, but not tense or overly stiff. Try not to sit cross-legged on the ground if it bothers your knees. Instead, try sitting in a chair if necessary. Keep both feet firmly planted on the ground with your hands resting comfortably by each side of your body, palms facing up. 

You can also choose to place them on top of one another at your stomach area (this is known as ‘sinking’ meditation) or rest them on your thighs with fingers pointing towards each other (this is called ‘open monitoring’ meditation).

Close your eyes and breathe through your nose. Breathe out slowly while thinking or saying ‘relax’. Next, breathe in slowly through your nose while counting to 4. Hold your breath for 2 counts, then breathe out for 4 counts.

Try not to fidget or move around. If discomfort arises, try changing your position slightly or focusing on that area specifically without completely tensing up or moving suddenly.

Keep an open mind about the session/practice–don’t get frustrated if it doesn’t work right away! Just like learning any new skill, it requires patience and consistent practise over time to reap the benefits of meditation. 

It’s important never to push yourself too hard or force yourself into a mindset you can’t handle; otherwise, you’ll end up worsening the problem instead of solving it.

  1. How To Journal:

Decide on a format as there are many ways to journal.

Go with what works best for you.

Bullet Journaling: 

This is one of the most popular formats that’s gaining traction among young people, particularly students. The focus of bullet journaling has a more personalized way to structure your tasks and set reminders/goals/etc. It can be as simple or as complex as you need it to be.

Stream of Consciousness: 

A more intensive approach where you write absolutely anything that enters your head without going back and editing or deleting anything. Concepts include finding out new things about yourself and letting go of negative emotions by writing them on paper.

Gratitude Journal: 

This works well if you’re someone who has a long list of things to be grateful for, but you struggle to recall them when planning your day. The idea is that focusing on the good things gives you more energy and enriches your life. Depending on the desired effect, you can either do this at the end or beginning of each entry.

Unusual Beauty Choices People Make

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People are always looking for ways to make themselves stand out, and that includes their beauty choices. There are many things you could do to be different from the average person on the street. Whether it is dying your hair a wild color or piercing your eyebrow, there are plenty of examples of people who have done something unconventional with their appearance. 

Using Multiple Colors in the Facial Makeup

In some cultures, women have been using multi-colored makeup for a long time. Therefore, they are entirely confident in their unusual beauty choices and do not face any disapproval from others around them. They grow up knowing that wearing blue eyeshadow or pink lipstick doesn’t make them less pretty or weird-looking than anyone else. Some people may disagree with this, but that is a matter of opinion, and it does not affect the person wearing something unusual.

Some modern women have a more Westernized approach to makeup – they prefer using one color at a time because it makes them look better in their everyday life. However, occasionally, they like to experiment a bit and use several colors in the same makeup. This is when they can look unique but still feel confident about themselves.

In many cases, women who do this are not afraid of standing out from the crowd – they know that their unusual beauty choices make them instantly recognizable among other people. For example, when you see someone walking down the street with blue lipstick, you will remember the person. Therefore, they are always placed and can get instant recognition among other people.

Using Imagery in Jewelry

People use the imagery in jewelry for a variety of reasons. They may be trying to offer the wearer protection, or perhaps they want it as an ornament that is both pretty and meaningful. Some feel their symbolism would bring them luck under certain circumstances. Whatever your reason, you can find many unusual pieces with different types of imagery.

For example, many people wear a cross as an ornament. People initially intended to protect the wearer from evil spirits and bad luck. Consider whether you believe in this type of symbolism or not – it is undoubtedly attractive either way!

Facial Piercings

Facial piercings in different places are not very common, but they can be pretty beautiful. They are one of the unusual beauty choices people make. Some of the most common facial piercings include the nose, eyebrow, and lip. You can do your nose piercing with a stud or ring, while eyebrows are often pierced with rings as well. On the other hand, lip or tongue piercing usually consists of one hole where you insert a barbell which you wear 24/hrs a day. These piercings are not very common but are quite popular among teenagers.

Unique Hairstyles

People tend to stick with what looks good on them and makes them feel great. However, some like to make a statement by trying different styles others would not usually try. One of these hairstyles is the undercut initially made popular in the 1950s as an alternative look for men; now, women have adopted it too. It is known as the undercut because it removes one of the sides of your head. 

Another popular choice is shaving all or part of your head instead of having long locks like everyone else. It may sound strange at first, but it has become a popular trend. If you think about doing this, make sure to hydrate the hair before shaving all the stubble off properly.


Some people make unusual decisions when it comes to their beauty routines. Whether they go for tattoos, piercings, or dyeing their hair in bright colors, these choices often surprise people. Even though everyone is entitled to make the best decision for themselves regarding makeup and hair care products, there are still times when a person can seem to be putting their beauty routine in jeopardy. Making unusual decisions about how you look can come with some risks, but everyone has the right to do so if it’s what they want.

Wearing Delicate Jewellery

Sometimes less if more. When it comes to delicate jewellery, there are so many options it can feel a little overwhelming. 

Delicate jewellery has also been a classic, but it has been everywhere over the last few years. It is entirely understated, and only a trained eye can spot the difference between a high-end ultralight chain and one from a high street chain. 

Of course, when there are rules in fashion, it’s essential to know how and when to break them. Here are some ‘rules’ for wearing delicate jewellery. 

Statement pieces will always be in vogue; something is incredible about a geometric block colour chain or ring. 

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Even if you have a range of piercings the length of your ear, you can still indulge in the delicate earring trend. 

Even if you have a single piercing – or no piercing at all, it is still possible. Ear cuffs with thin chains, or those that snake up the ears like ivy, catch the light in all the right places. 

The key to creating a beautiful stripped-back ear adornment is sticking to classic shapes and lightness. 


The stacking ring trend is never going to go away. There are many ways to pull off this look, from chunky biker style rings to bright bubble-gum colours. 

Ultra-thin bands, stacks on various fingers at different heights add so much interest. You can stack the same fingers on each hand or mix it up with different styles and sizes. 

What makes ring stacking a lot of fun is that you can also mix high-end rings with budget choices. The ultimate guide to dress rings will help you choose the right ring for your new stack. 

The rule to ring stacking is to make sure that some of your fingers aren’t as stacked as others. The negative space is what makes the rest of the rings so interesting – and delicate. 


Stacks of necklaces or a single gossamer-light chain both look incredible. When stacking chains, the most important thing to remember is the length. If all the chains sit at the same height, they will quickly get tangled – and look a little awkward. 

Start by grabbing your longest chain and your shortest one, put them on, and then look at the space you have left to play with. 

Try a few different styles, and tones too. Play with golds and silvers or a rose gold tone. If you want to add an extra layer of interest, black chains can be stunning and just as delicate – but with an edge. 

One of the most popular options right now is the start-sign pendants or long plain chains. 

You can also purchase a faux stack which means you won’t have to spend time stacking – it’s done for you! Nice and easy :). 

Keeping your jewellery delicate but eye-catching takes a little bit of balance and some careful planning. But once you master it, stacking, ear cuffs, and more will be quick and effortless. 

Want to see how you can make one accessory the whole outfit: Check this: Cat-Eye Shades: Looking Like Lolita!

6 Home Renovation Ideas That Will Make Your Home Look More Expensive

Do you want to spruce up your home and make it look lavish without breaking the bank? There are many home renovation ideas you can use to give your home an expensive look without spending a lot of money. 

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Read on for tricks and tips to make your home look more lavish without spending much money on renovations.

Repaint the walls

Adding a fresh coat of paint is another budget-friendly home renovation that will make your home look expensive. Why so? Revamping the walls is an excellent idea because it makes your house look new and welcoming.

The walls are one of the first things people see when they come into the house. Having peeled off paints on the walls can make your home look old. On the other hand, painting the walls makes the house look newer and more lavish. Consider using neutral colours such as taupe and greige. Deeper shades are also a great idea.

Create a mirror wall

Decorative mirrors are another great way to spruce up your living space without breaking the bank. Mirrors can reflect light and enhance your home’s visual square footage. Depending on the mirrors you use, you can replicate any design and create a statement mirror wall for less. 

With the right architects and budget, you can make your home look more lavish by creating better designs such as mirror walls.

Add a statement lighting fixture

Lighting fixtures are always worthy home investments. They create focal points in your living space and elevate your home. Additionally, lighting fixtures can make your home look bigger by filling in the spaces. 

If you want to make your home look more expensive with lighting fixtures, consider investing in traditional lamp shades or smart lamps. 

Switch out old hardware

Old hardware makes your home look cheap and worn out. On the other hand, replacing old fixtures, such as dresser and cabinet knobs, can change the entire appearance. Update your kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom fixtures to make your home feel warmer and more lavish.

Copper and brass hardware are some of the best fixtures you can use to spruce up your home.

Upgrade furniture using paint and fabric

The suitable fabric and paint can make your furniture look more expensive. Elevate the appearance of your living room by choosing glossy, bold colours for your furniture. You can also match the existing colour palette using bold fabrics.

Upholstery upgrade may look simple. However, the change it brings makes your home look more lavish. The good news is that you only need a bit of fabric and colour to get the job done.

Add an accent table 

Another great way to spruce up your living space and make it look lavish is by filling up the spaces using things that serve a purpose. An accent table is one of the items you can use to get this job perfectly done. Add a touch of elegance to your living space with transitional designs of different accent tables. You can also make your home look more expensive with a metal accent table between chairs. 

The bottom line 

Create a home renovation plan you can stick to and give your home a high-end appearance without going on board with costly remodel ideas. These few low-cost home renovation ideas will make your home look newer, larger, and more lavish.

Advice for Working with the Hair You Have

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All of us are given the hair we have, and for some, this can mean many different things. For instance, 4C hair can be quite tough to manage but looks incredible, while less thick and curly variants may be easier to manage but may not offer so much buoyancy. 

Of course, the hair you have is also defined by your gender, age and ethnicity, as it is a natural offshoot of your body’s production of hair molecules. Some people may even want to know ‘how much does a hair transplant cost roughly?’ if they notice they have begun to thin out at the top (this isn’t so uncommon for a large number of men, for instance), but then again, going bald gracefully can actually look quite good depending on the person, too.

Some people also experience conditions such as alopecia which means that their hair naturally falls out (perhaps they will then choose to rock this look or do so with the aid of wigs). 

Thankfully, perspectives are changing. No matter what hair you are blessed with, or whatever condition you have to manage, there’s a way to enjoy hair and to make the most of it. If you accept it, others will. With the following post, we’ll also discuss a few insights you may wish to apply for the healthiest hair management possible.

Wash It Appropriately, With The Right Products

Washing your hair appropriately is important. This may mean washing your hair every few days, or using cleaning lotions away from water for a time, or using combing methods and nutrient replenishing formulas to keep your hair in great condition. These necessities will depend based on what kind of hair you have, and if you have any special needs, such as managing dandruff etc. Usually, reading product reviews from people with your hair (or content creators that discuss this) can be enlightening. Stick around our hair blog for even more insight!

Care For Dyes & Treatments As Appropriate

It’s important to treat your hair carefully, because over-coloring it or over-heating it can cause problems sometimes. It’s good to plan your treatments with moderation, as well as making sure you partake in solid aftercare measures such as returning moisture to the hair before you do anything else with it.

Rock Your Look With Pride

Rocking your current look with pride, be that a different wig for each day, straightening your hair, curling it, allowing your frizz to naturally shine, cutting it short from time to time, or even shaving it, you should feel free to experiment with how your hair can naturally move and whatever other healthy additions you may be able to apply on top of that. Rocking your look with pride can also help you realize there’s no ‘right or wrong’ way to wear your hair, provided it’s healthy and taken care of. This in itself can be freeing.

With this advice, we hope you can feel comfortable working with the hair you have, and making adjustments or additions where you think this most appropriate.