A couple of weeks ago we were sent a pillowcase that promised to make us beautiful and radiant. As you can imagine it came straight out the packaging and went straight on the bed! Best night’s sleep ever, and the skin and hair looks better than ever.

This wasn’t just any pillowcase, it was a Silkskin pillowcase! 100% natural and organic Silkskin pillowcases are known to reduce wrinkles, prevent hair loss and frizz. This truly is the softest silk you can ever imagine next to your skin. Your skin repairs itself at night time and it needs the chance to breathe, naturally. Silkskin stops your face and hair from drying out and protects it from developing more lines or deeper creases. Bye bye facials and skin treatments! (OK maybe not totally, facials are wonderful) Sleeping on natural silk will help lock moisture in and ensures it a stays on your skin.The silk also allows your hair to glide across the pillow without getting caught and breaking.

Cotton and man-made fibres dry your skin out and soak up moisture. Silk is a living, breathing product containing proteins and amino acids which are very similar to those in human skin. Natural silk also has the same PH balance, which helps to protect and maintain moisture levels.

The Silkskin Pillowcase retails for £35 and is available from Harvey Nichols, Fenwick’s, Cult Beauty, Beauty Bay, HQ hair and the Regis Group of Hair dressers.

For more information please go to www.silkskin.co.uk

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