Although the summer can be a great time for style experimentation, comfort also has to be a consideration when the sun is in the sky and temperatures rise. For ladies who have the bonus of carrying a baby bump through the summer months, the latter is likely to be a priority. However, it’s nice to think that you are maintaining your usual fashion standards even when your ankles are turning into cankles and you’re increasingly spending shopping trips scoping out the nearest public toilet rather than potential purchases.

Finding decent maternity wear has become less of a challenge over the past few years as retailers have risen to the fashion challenge, but it’s still difficult to find a balance between trends and practicality. When it comes to this summer’s trends, there is plenty for pregnant women to choose from.

Striking summer maxi dresses are perfect for sunny weather – they are light and airy and because they feature high or relaxed waistbands they cover baby bumps with ease. You’ll find plenty of maxi dresses featuring tribal-inspired designs this season, but it’s also worth looking out for oriental and tropical floral prints as well as plain pastels, which are both big summer trends. Look out for breathable fabrics like cotton and jersey, which will help keep you cool and also wash well.

One of the other great things about maxi dresses is the fact they look at their best when teamed with sensible footwear. Wearing flip-flops, gladiator sandals and low wedges could well help soothe those cankles, or even stop them taking hold in the first place!


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