Mulberry’s first seasonal film took six of their Spring Summer 2011 campaign images, shot by renowned photographer Tim Walker, and used visual effects; animation, rotoscoping and repainting, to make the pictures come alive.

The film was directed by Park Village director Luke Losey, and worked on collaboratively by House and Holme, Park Village and visual effects company Framestore.

Framestore (who have previously worked on high-end commercials as well as projects for Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows and Avatar) created the digital, arty animation by cutting out hundreds of images and allowing them to move independently within a defined 3D space. Every available element from each image was isolated and ‘freed’ from the backdrop, allowing them to move in dreamlike, illusory layers within the images.

The result is a montage of moving, magical moments from the original campaign images: romantic, ethereal and in keeping with the aesthetics and theme of Mulberry’s Spring Summer 2011 season.