Top Holiday Nail Colours

As we know nail colour has been a huge thing for the past few seasons, brands from Models Own to OPI are giving us on trend camels and festive metallics so there should be no excuse for bare nails this particular holiday season!

Rudolph Reds

Clockwise from top left: Scarlet Sparkle, £5, Models Own; Dorothy’s Shoes, £2.99, Miners; Red Alert, £5, Models Own; Siren, £7, No.7; Ali’s Big Break, £9.95, OPI;

Christmas Camels

Clockwise from bottom left: Beanie, £7, No.7; Over the Taupe, £9.95, OPI; Cadogan Square, £11, Nails Inc; Highland Mist, £7, No.7; Nude #1, £10, Nail Girls.

Fir Tree Greens

Clockwise from top left: Cuckoo For This Colour, £9.95, OPI; Zulu, £13, NARS; Evergreen and Green Flash, £5, Models Own.

Golds, Frankincense, & Mehr

Clockwise from bottom left: Gold #1, £10, Nail Girls; Molten, £2.99, Miners; Glitzerland, £9.95, OPI; 25 Carat Gold and Gold Digger, £5, Models Own.

Christmas Bauble Purples

Clockwise from left: Midnight Lavender, £2.99, Miners; Damson Dream, £7, No.7; Magenta Divine, £5, Models Own; Purple #8, £10, Nail Girls; Violetta, £7, No.7.

Silent Night

Clockwise from bottom left: Lucerne-tainly Look Marvelous, £9.95, OPI; Grey, £2.25, Claire’s; LBD, £2.99, Miners; Mushroom, £5, Models Own.

Mulled Wine

Clockwise from top: Temptress, £7, No.7; Burgundy, £2.25, Claire’s; Tease-y Does It, £9.95, OPI; Mulberry Shimmer, £2.99, Miners; Queensgate Mews, £11, Nails Inc.