AAA Launch at Topman

Topman have finally launched their new range AAA, it was supposed to launch in April but due to the Ash Cloud it had to be postponed. Jemima Odonkor cover the event for Freak Deluxe.

On Friday the 28th I went on down to TOPMAN for the launch of their new range AAA (Access All Areas), I tired to drag a friend with me as I had a +1 but everybody was busy so I went alone.

As I approached it my immediate thought was that it was very small and swamped with model looking guys, I could see someone getting a lot of attention so I walked a bit closer and noticed it was Frankie from The Saturdays, photo opportunity I thought but didn’t get one. She was socialising with her own little entourage, one of them looked like it could of been her sister actually.

I started to get a bit thirsty and as there wasn’t anyone walking around with Cocktails I went in search for them.

The event was full of press, in a corner laid out on tables were bottles of Rekorderlig (think its a beer) and Vitamin Water drinks, there were also a few finger nibbles to be had. I didn’t take advantage of them, just swiped myself a Lemon Vitamin Water and got to wondering about a bit, as much as I could anyway.

The duo Dj’s went by the name of Primary 1

and there were 4 stylist floating around, I knew one of them (Nigel) so got him to inform me a bit on the styling process. He said anyone can book an appointment to go down and get styled and its a FREE, they also offer a tempting incentive to booking a session for Fashion Friday, (which is every last friday of the month) you get a nice 15% off of your transaction, which is pretty decent, a buy with a discount is a good buy to me.

After our chat I got him to grab me a goodie bag and was very surprised to see how good it was, in the bag was a floral bow tie (very me) a vest from the new AAA range (my size) and a Time Out book about life and the arts industry since 1968, there was also a couple other things such as magazines and leaflets but that’s the main bulk of the goodies.

I hung around for a bit after getting my goodie bag, but noticed that people were beginning to leave, (I thought it finished at 9 but got told its 8) and there wasn’t anything else going on so I said my goodbyes and bounced out.

Overall opinion was it was okay but a tad bit claustrophobic.

Words by Jemima Odonkor