This week’s Blogger Crush is for the chic duo that is Girls Off Fifth, Janelle and Jessie shoot their effortless style on the chic streets of New York.  Their style is a mix of boho and streetwear casuals – LOVE!

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Everyone has his or her own style, that’s for sure. Even if two people are wearing the exact same clothes they will definitely not wear them the same way. Everything looks different on different people, but you still might want to create a totally unique look by styling yourself your own way. There are many ways to create your own style and absolutely unique appearance, e.g. you could wear different types of luxury watches, a hat, combine unusual colors, wear clothes with comic strips printed on them or combine the latest fashion with second hand clothing and the like.

The crucial thing: Do you like it or not?

Remember that there is basically just one important rule you have to keep in mind: Whatever you wear, wear it with confidence! Of course this applies only to clothes you like and feel comfortable in. Don’t wear clothes you don’t like, regardless of whether they are en vogue or created by your otherwise favorite designer. Clothes are meant to please you and if this isn’t the case, there is no point in wearing them. But if you wear them, confidence is a necessity. So, this made clear, let’s move on.

Jewellery and accessories can make a difference

A good idea to make one’s own look absolutely distinct is to combine the various garments with different kinds of accessories and jewellery. Bracelets, rings, necklaces, sunglasses, watches, scarves and hats can all give your outfit that extra touch. Furthermore, some of them not only serve an aesthetic purpose, for example the beauty of a Rolex Milgauss, but do also have a practical use. Sunglasses and hats shade head and eyes, while watches enable you to see what time it is at a glance. The combination of various items can definitely enhance your looks and make your outfit a real eye catcher!

EBAY FASHION OUTLET WINTER WARDROBE COLLECTION have released the Winter Wardrobe Collection for the Fashion Outlet styled by eBay’s Global Creative Director Andrea Linnet and they invited us over to take a closer look.

I’ve been a huge fan of eBay for my one off fashion finds like my collection of vintage boots, brass studs for my designs and my fave leopard print clutch. So you’ll understand why I was excited to see what little treasures the Winter Wardrobe collection would hold! The collection mixes must-have coats, from high-drama military to this season’s hottest faux furs, with the perfect party dresses and wardrobe excitement pieces that define the moment and update our beloved basics.

Andrea’s carefully selected items have been styled on fashion bloggers Sandra Hagelstam from 5inchandup and Jennifer Inglis from The Style Crusader for the lookbook, real women who love fashion. Philipp and I plus some carefully selected fellow bloggers/stylists had the chance to style up our own looks last week at the W Hotel.

What do you think of the winter wardrobe collection? Go to the fashion outlet on for more fashion picks!