The new beauty and health supplement ONÇA has 21 natural ingredients, one of its many unique ingredients is Buriti, which is the best fruit for producing beta-carotene which is proven to directly help protect the skin from harmful sun rays, and there is no better oral substance.

To understand the importance of beta-carotene is to get into science I am afraid!

In short it is the main safe dietary source of vitamin A which is essential for normal growth and development, immune system function and vision. It quenches singlet oxygen, a reactive molecule that is generated in the skin by exposure to the Sun which can induce precancerous changes in cells. Singlet oxygen is capable of triggering free radical chain reactions. Onça has antioxidant properties such as Beta-Carotene that help the body to neutralise free radicals – reactive and highly energised molecules which are formed through normal biochemical reactions, or through exogenous sources such as air pollution or cigarette smoke. Free radicals can damage lipids in cell membranes as well as the genetic material in cells, and the resulting damage may lead to the development of cancers.

The fact is that the Sun is our greatest life source but at the same time it is responsible for oxidation in our skin cells, it is the anti-oxidants in Onca from these super-fruits that provide the best possible oral protection.

·         Camu Camu has anti-inflammatory and anti –allergic properties, fighting free radicals
·         Assists in the cleansing of body from the inside out, putting life back it to hair and skin.
·         Vitamin C has been proven to help us feel less stressed
·         Aids the body to absorb Iron – assisting in the synthesis of collagen
·         Helps intestinal function
·         The large concentration of Calcium is important for healthy teeth and bones
·         High levels of Vitamin B1, helping to ensure the nervous system functions efficiently

ONÇA consists of two drinks a day, one in the morning and one in the evening. While the morning supplement will provide you with all the nutrients you need to keep you energized, the evening dose supports the body’s recovery and beautifies as you sleep supporting the skins renewal with its collagen boosting abilities whilst also supporting the hair, nails and nerves.I recommend taking it with a really tasty smoothie full of more super-fruits for that extra boost!