Urban Kings – Luxury Mixed Martial Arts Gym

This June sees the launch of London’s ultimate luxury space dedicated to mixed martial arts, conditioning and fitness (see the diary). Aimed at members who want uncompromising athleticism but don’t want to compromise on their surroundings, Urban Kings hosts state-of-the-art equipment, as well as beautiful changing areas and relaxation facilities.

Jade Jagger at Urban Kings Launch

Located in King’s Cross and spread across two floors, Urban Kings will provide its members with a bespoke and elegant exercise area, catering for classes and one-to-one training in Thai Boxing, MMA, K1, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Boxing and Wrestling.

David Hayes & Tolula Adeyemi at Urban Kings Launch

Take advantage of the fantastic level of training available to master your art, improve your fitness or gain an edge for competition combat.

A full-size (19’) boxing ring features in the main work-out area, as well as 12 punch bags hanging at varying levels from the ceiling, a cage wall and two large dojo areas.

Members are encouraged to fine-tune their physique with challenging equipment including:

  • Kettlebells
  • Monkey Bars
  • Ropes
  • Cable Machines
  • Olympic Lifting Area
  • Sandbags
  • Tyres

As well as the specialised training sessions, classes are offered in Abs, Body Conditioning and a Ladies Work-Fit Class.

A tailored audio system means members can listen to the latest tracks while they exercise and a full size projector fills one of the walls, screening fights, films and music videos.

Tolula & Jade pose in front of the dumb bells

And after their work-out, guests can head to the Sauna and let the heat relax their muscles for the perfect post-exercise reward. Separate male and female saunas are accessed from the exclusive changing areas. Both men’s and women’s are more luxury than locker room with soft towels, monsoon showers and spa products.

Finally, head upstairs to the ground floor Juice Bar and revitalise your system with a menu of juices designed to rehydrate, nourish and restore. From vitamin and mineral boosts, to protein rich smoothies, our team will recommend the perfect post work-out replenishment.

Dan Williams & Jade Jagger

Membership at Urban Kings includes use of all facilities, including the sauna, and unlimited access to all classes. It also allows access to one-to-one training with high-profile trainers (additional fee applies).

Membership costs £95 per month for a 12 month period with an initial joining fee of £150.


Opening Times:

Monday – Saturday: 6.30am – 10pm

Sunday and bank holidays: 8am – 8pm

Members must leave the gym floor 30 minutes before closing time.


Urban Kings

4 Bravingtons Walk

Kings Cross N1 9GA

020 7837 7774

Urban Kings & Mortons

So yesterday afternoon I got an email from Tolula Adeyemi via Mason Smillie inviting me to the launch of new gym Urban Kings. I only had one meeting during the day at Westfield to discuss what Freak Deluxe can do with them, that finished at 6pm, so I left from there and headed to Urban Kings in Kings Cross calling Charlotte (@stylecartel) on the way to see if she could attend also.

Tolula DJ’d she played a great set and really kept the crowd going, bit of Jay Z, bit of B.I.G., bit of Britney! She had everything covered. When Charlotte arrived we went downstairs where there was a boxing match going on in the ring, two champion beat boxers going at it full pelt!

In the Blue Corner…

In the Red Corner…

The gym is really nice! AND it has a unisex bathroom and showers!!! Back upstairs I met Jade Jagger, I gave her my card (you can just see it behind her bag) and mentioned doing something with the mag. It’s a definite possibility so stay tuned for that one! Just look how amazing her jewellery is!

A DJ from Jade’s company Jezebel relieved Tolula of her duties and went on to please the masses. Back downstairs we met David Hayes, he is something kinda special in the flesh! I managed to catch this one after the prof photog had finished, he doesn’t smile for pics.

Tolula was working that Stolen Girlfriends Club dress!

Time to leave, Mason convinces Tolula and myself to make an appearance at new club Morton’s

We decided we’d go in for 10 minutes, ended up being 50! Oops, apologies to the car that was waiting outside for us.

It’s nice in the club, exposed brick with ‘gun lamps’ and clear light bulbs hanging down by the walls. The DJ booth was all lit up with lil pretty lights, he was killing it with the tunes which is why we stayed so long!

On leaving Morton’s we met Tolula’s friend Melrose, who was also on ANTM 7. Don’t believe the hype people, she’s actually really nice.

Until next time…x

Press Days, WAH Nails, and The City at Armani!

Thursday 27th May…

Woah today was a super busy one for Freak Deluxe! I had it all mapped out –

1st stop QVC on Greek St, Soho Sq, then on to the Schuh Press Day at the Vinyl Factory on Poland St, then a brisk walk up to Marylebone for GFW, then a tube journey over to Waterloo for a boat ride to the Hugo Boss Boat Launch, then home.

Well before I’d even got to the first stop I get a phone call from a certain Miss Ashley Madekwe telling me we have a couple of parties to go to this evening. One of them being The City party at Armani in association with MTV and the other a possible cameo at the SATC party! ‘All change please!!!’

I had to call in the re-inforcements and get someone to cover the Hugo Boss Boat Launch, so I put a tweet out asking who wanted to cover it for the mag (yes I do that sometimes, so if you want in FOLLOW!!!) Then went on about my business…

The QVC press day was good, they had cute lil home made cupcakes for a start off

I don’t know about you but I always think of tacky jewellery, cheap skin products and wacky contraptions when I think of QVC, so it was a pleasant surprise to see that it was far from that.

Some of their Fashion Pieces had even been used in the new SATC film!

Their pieces are really nice with great price points, they have a ton of beauty products to choose from.

Their homeware is grand, I’m a sucker for soft furnishings. I just love this chair and the cushions on it.

This laptop was also featured on SATC and it’s exclusive to QVC!

This juicer is so cool, it comes in a range of colours from orange to lime green and pink as of October for Breast Cancer awareness. The company was started by a 99 yr old man! No-one can tell me they’re too old for anything after hearing that!

On leaving I made sure I took a cake and a goody bag, which was actually good, full of Philosophy goodies.

On to the Vinyl Factory for the Schuh press day, which was held downstairs in a really nice gallery space. It’s huge down there! So on entry I was offered a choice of bagels (instant WIN) I opted for cream cheese which was put into this cute lil ‘Chinese take-away box’

They also had these Cake Pops, looks like a lollipop but it’s cake and icing on a stick!

They’re onto a winner this season with their shoes. There are some definite winners…

So on the way round I took pictures and booked my session with WAH Nails! Where I got this done…

The pics aren’t 100% coz I was trying to snap while my nails were being done…

Nails did, time to make a swift exit to the GFW Show in Marylebone, I wanted another bagel but my nails were wet and I didn’t want to be greedy.

After the show we caught a taxi down to Regent Street for MTV’s The City party at Armani Exchange. The cocktails were just perfect, we started off with a grapefruit cocktail that had no name…we called it YUM!

We then moved on to the Lychee Martinis – of which we had about 5!!! Then caught up with Taloula Adeyemi and Mason.

There were Krispy Kreme donuts and canapes, the best being the mini cheese burgers and mini red velvet cake!

We then saw Ophelia and Shanika from “4321” perfect!

From L-R: Ophelia Lovibond, Shanika Warren-Markland, Tolula Adeyemi, Joaqin, Mason, Ashley Madekwe

Chit chat, a cigarette, couple of snaps, and 3 more cocktails later, we decided to leave and moved on to Bungalow 8 for the Max Azria’s BCBG afterparty.

Such a busy day but oh so good!

Sarah-Jayne, Mason Simillie, Tolula Adeyemi, Ashley Madekwe, Moi, Shola Ama