The colder months of the year tend to bring out some of the most distinctive layering options for fashion, giving people the opportunity to experiment with colour and materials. At the same time, Winter fashion is about being comfortable in the cold weather, while still being able to avoid going for a shapeless look as you wrap up. Some of the top trends that will be becoming more important as the year turns from Autumn to Winter include trench coats, purple as a general colour choice, and even seemingly dead in the water choices like puffer coats, faux fur, and not forgetting the My-W Belstaff coats!

Emerald Green

This colour has gradually built up its popularity over the past few months, and could be one of the brighter shades to appear in the darker turn for outfits during Winter. Emerald green can particularly be expected to appear on dresses and jackets, as well as via clutches and hats. Be careful, though, not to overdo it with the colour.

Trench Coats

A good trench coat is a must have for the winter months, particularly as it can be worn as part of a general layered ensemble. Burberry remain the brand to go for in terms of style and comfort, especially when you need to cover yourself up against the cold.


Like emerald green, purple is a luxurious colour choice that demonstrates how Winter need not be about softer tones. Purple was a key feature of Prada and Gucci shows earlier in the year, and can be used as a small but important contribution to outfits via accessories, dresses, and ankle boots.


The oversize trend is one that is hard to pull off, but can work well for both men and women. The trend effectively focuses on oversized coats which are still tailored enough to provide a flattering silhouette. Belts can also be worn to give more structure to looks.

Tailored Blazers

Set to be one of the season’s must have items, a tailored blazer in stretch cotton can avoid an overly bulky look, with slim fit styles a must for women wanting to invest in a smart causal looks.

Puffer Coats and Jackets

While still associated with bulky 1990s skiwear, puffer coats and jackets are making something of a return this year, albeit in more tailored and sophisticated shapes.

Faux Fur

Worn as an additional feature on outfits, faux fur is expected to be used as part of trim for jackets and shoes, and should also be a key feature of bags.

Vintage Bags

Some of the top vintage bags trends expected to be popular this Winter include ball shapes, as well as oversized bags that are in keeping with the trend mentioned above.

Embroidered Flowers

Elaborate Art Deco details will be a feature of dresses and tops, with Dolce & Gabbana particularly using this 1920s and 1930s inspired style as part of their Autumn and Winter collections.

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Key looks that will be hot on the fashion radar in the coming months

Spring is coming and that can only mean one thing. (Actually, we take that back, it can mean many things: lambs, daffodils, Six Nations Rugby, International Women’s Day, one step closer to summer, the end of winter and many more…)

In this context, spring’s sole signifier is: fashion. As the daffodils and crocuses sprout up from the soil, so too flower patterns seem to blossom across all manners of skirts, blouses and – more often than not – the ubiquitous maxi dresses from the likes of high street favorites like Next, which continue to enjoy longevity in fashion’s famously short memories.

Tropical pleat maxi dress from Next, £45

Indeed, this year we see the maxis embrace another trend – tropical or Havana – think eye-popping beachside prints straight out of a slightly cheesy hotel: flamingoes, palm trees, sunsets, hibiscus flowers. We want bold brights – florals on acid if you will – and with these, accessories come big and bolshy too – think equally loud headscarves and bandannas, or neon plastic slippers and shoes.

There’s also the softer side to the flower power of 2012. Pastels are once more a must have on the palette, and as well as gentle florals and small petal patterns, we’re also seeing a lot of mixing of pastel shades, such as peppermint greens with soft pinks or sky blues, very gentle yellows too.

Those looking for a retro twist can pick up with spring 2012’s taste for paisley, as showcased in one of Vogue UK’s style summaries of the year’s trends. If you’re really ready to go for it, double the paisley trend with the latest fashion must-have – a power suit.

From Primark to Armani, blazer and tailored trouser suits are ten a penny in huge patterns, from far-out 1960s florals to hot acid yellows. If you’re up for causing a splash this season, then pick out a real show-stopper, pair with a plain white t, slightly pointed-toe flats or brogues, and a small gold chain. Instant summer cool.