In the world we live in most of us believe it costs a lot to get fit and stay healthy, I know I used to. It’s always go to the gym (gym membership costs a bomb), get a personal trainer to work you out (bomb), buy this DVD workout or that special tool that will work out your this that or the other (it all adds up)! With this ‘double dip recession’ most people can’t afford that, so here are 5 things you CAN afford to do with minimum cost to get/stay fit and healthy, and hopefully have fun whilst doing it.

1) Use Your Local Park!

It’s the healthiest place to workout; whether you’re running, stretching, or resistance training. The park is full of trees; trees produce oxygen! The key point when doing any form of exercise is to breathe, as a good flow of oxygen to your muscles reduces the build up of lactic acid and cramp.; rather than running on the roads and breathing in car fumes! Take a look at the Bartendaz workouts so you can see how to utilise the kids climbing frames to give your body a complete workout.

2) Do It with Friends

Working out with a group of friends brings an element of fun and boosts healthy competition to push yourself further. Also look up local groups to train with, a lot of people nowadays create groups within their area, whether it be via facebook, on their local forums, or just plain old word-of-mouth. If you’re London based you might want to try the Spartanfam, this group is sponsored by Nike and based in Shoreditch. It’s a full mix of gender, age, and abilities; the trainers are friendly and easy to talk to, and best of all it’s absolutely FREE! If you are looking to attend this group be prepared to WORK OUT! Better yet set up your own group, bring in family, friends, friends of friends, work colleagues, neighbours; and have certain people designated to do different elements of the workout.

3) Home WorkOuts

Be sure to incorporate home workouts as well, your full body workout (cardio and resistance, etc) happens in the park – at home you can focus on toning the muscles. Whether it be in the morning before you hit the shower or at night before bed spend 20-30 mins doing sit ups, push/press ups, squats, lunges, leg lifts, etc. Work out a routine that’s easy to remember, make sure you do 3 sets of 10 repetitions per exercise.

4) Healthy Eating

For some reason it costs more to eat healthy food that’s good for you than it does to eat crap food that’s not. I’m sure there’s a logical explanation for this that I’m not prepared to go into, all I know is this does not make a blind bit of sense. If you have a garden you may want to grow your own fruit, veg, and herbs; it’s not that difficult or time consuming and you’ll definitely feel some sense of reward. Alternatively you’ll have to buy it, now this is where some cost comes in; if you don’t want to incur the extra cost think about swapping out one of the not so necessary items in your monthly outgoings such as that extra pair of shoes. You may already be eating the right foods, just remember not to over boil your veg (you’ll boil out all the goodness), eat foods that are high in protein, choose lean meat, and low-fat dairy products.

5) Believe In Yourself

You can do it!!! Don’t expect instant results (if you want that go and get lipo), sweat and self discipline/determination are key and they don’t always come easy. If you put the work in and workout properly, you’ll get your desired results!


So I’ve been hitting the gym for a little over a month now and I have definitely noticed a change in my stamina. My workout plan was set up by Personal Trainer Lawrence Okoye at Nuffield Health, I had told him that I wanted to work on toning rather than weight loss and I wanted to concentrate on my stomach/waist and thighs; prior to this I had no exercise routine whatsoever so he had to make it ‘interesting’ enough for me to work through it.

Lawrence suggested I work towards achieving 45 minutes of cardio using a combination of the Cross Trainer, Summit, and Rowing machines followed by 4 circuits to work the core muscles. Knowing that there was no way I could possibly do 45 mins of straight cardio at the first attempt he suggested I build up slowly, starting with 10 mins on the Cross Trainer, 5 on the Summit, and 10 on the Rower.

Circuit 1

Core Bag – Squats and lifts

Kettle Ball Swings

Viper – “Thread the needle” holding above the head then twisting and treading through legs with a squat

Roll Outs on a mat – kneel down then roll forward using the lil wheely thing

Do each 10 times then repeat the circuit 3 times

Circuit 2

Ball Roll Outs – feet on the ball, hands on the floor using core to pull knees in then back out

Roll Outs on mat – same as in circuit 1

Dumbell Raises – Front raise, Lateral raise, Flys

Do each 10 times then repeat the circuit 3 times

Core Circuit

Canoe – Rowing with the Viper

Heel Touches – lying on your back with knees bent, using core to rock and touch your heels

Leg Chops – again on the back with one leg bent, using core to chop straight leg with opposite arm


Squat Jumps – holding on to the straps squatting as deep as possible then jumping

Back Rows – kind of like a stand up push up only you’re pulling yourself up at an angle


I started of doing 25 mins of cardio followed by these circuits which really worked up a sweat! Over a few weeks I pushed myself to 55 minutes of cardio!!!

Next I’m going to test out the classes, I’ve been told that Combat Aerobics; Legs, Bums, and Tums; Body Pump; and Yoga will do the trick. Stay tuned!


Yesterday I had a major breakthrough, if you have been following my GET FIT for 2012 series you will know that up until a month ago I did not nor had I ever worked out before; gym membership…? Pah!!! Well now, I have a gym membership at Nuffield Health which I’m using to the fullest, (I’ll be putting up my personal workout regime aka #cyrenasworkoutplan on here soon) and I’m looking into external classes/boot camp sessions. I tend to workout on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays (if I don’t keep strict days I won’t go); as this week was full of bank holidays I spent one of my ‘workout days’ in bed! So, back to my breakthrough yesterday – I did 45 mins of cardio at the gym in the morning, then in the evening I went to Boxit Bootcamp! TWO BOUTS OF EXERCISE IN ONE DAY PEOPLE!!! I’m truly growing in this department!

One of the things I’ve always wanted since I was a child was a punching bag, take from that what you will, but you can imagine my excitement when I was invited to attend a Boxit 2 the Beat class in Brixton. It’s a non stop, 1 hour, intense pad circuit class with a live DJ spinning house tunes so you can literally Boxit 2 the Beat! They say you can burn up to 1,000 calories in one hit and it definitely felt like it; the class has you sweating buckets! The instructors have you bouncing around, punching pads, doing squats, lunges, crunches – everything to work out your entire body. The best bit for me was the stretching at the end because that’s when I knew it was almost over! Just kidding, well not really…I’m feeling the effects as I type this but I would definitely go again. I’ve been told the outdoor class is great too! I recommend everyone gives this class a try at least once, you’ll be hooked. The best stress relief!

For more info on classes and to register take a look at the Boxit site here

Follow them on Twitter here

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In the spirit of the Olympics I’m on a mission to ‘GET FIT’ for 2012. I will be recording my physical progress and commenting on my gym (Nuffield Health), my work out plan and fitness gear I’ll be wearing. The desired outcome is to de-stress, getting fit, and having an overall healthier lifestyle.

Being in my late 20s, as a size 10, 5’ 10” girl people may believe I hit the gym regularly; when in reality I’ve never worked out a day in my life. Cardio for me is shopping and walking around central London to various press days; and with a lot of companies offering online shopping that cuts the “cardio” in half! Being blessed with a great metabolism is not enough, I hear all the ‘horror’ stories about ‘once you hit 30 your metabolism slows right down’ so I know one day it will come to a grinding halt, the main thing on my agenda is getting fit and feeling healthy so I don’t feel completely winded after running for a bus!

Running two fashion/lifestyle sites, designing and customising outfits, and being a social butterfly doesn’t exactly leave much time for anything else. I want to show you (and myself) that you can have the busy lifestyle and still have/make time to get fit and healthy.

I’m not the only one on this ‘GET FIT’ caper, this series is being tried and tested by Toronto based fashion lifestyle site Coco&Cowe.com; personal fashion lifestyle blog QOTUGIRL (launching in May 2012); and my style blog LetMeSeeYourWears.com.

Next step, my body M.O.T.