We’re all always looking for ways to accessorise our outfits. Accessories do so much more than just brighten up an outfit. They can be practical and they can also portray all sorts of information about us as a person. They can serve as social queues, displaying status. They can give indicators to our personality, characteristics and interests. When it comes down to it, a watch really can tick all of these boxes, proving to be the ultimate accessory.

A good quality watch is a practical investment. You can use it to tell the time quickly and easily at any time – including social situations where it might be considered rude or inappropriate to pull your phone out for a time check. It can also serve as a status symbol, with many designer and more expensive watches coming at a high cost. Then, there are so many different designs and styles. Whatever your personal taste, there will be a watch to suit you.

Watches are also a good financial investment. Quality and desirable watches can actually grow in value over time, rather than depreciating in value like many other investments. This infographic on Rare & Revered Rolex models below should give you some good insight into just how good value investing in a designer watch really can be!

Infographic Design By Rare

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