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People are always looking for ways to make themselves stand out, and that includes their beauty choices. There are many things you could do to be different from the average person on the street. Whether it is dying your hair a wild color or piercing your eyebrow, there are plenty of examples of people who have done something unconventional with their appearance. 

Using Multiple Colors in the Facial Makeup

In some cultures, women have been using multi-colored makeup for a long time. Therefore, they are entirely confident in their unusual beauty choices and do not face any disapproval from others around them. They grow up knowing that wearing blue eyeshadow or pink lipstick doesn’t make them less pretty or weird-looking than anyone else. Some people may disagree with this, but that is a matter of opinion, and it does not affect the person wearing something unusual.

Some modern women have a more Westernized approach to makeup – they prefer using one color at a time because it makes them look better in their everyday life. However, occasionally, they like to experiment a bit and use several colors in the same makeup. This is when they can look unique but still feel confident about themselves.

In many cases, women who do this are not afraid of standing out from the crowd – they know that their unusual beauty choices make them instantly recognizable among other people. For example, when you see someone walking down the street with blue lipstick, you will remember the person. Therefore, they are always placed and can get instant recognition among other people.

Using Imagery in Jewelry

People use the imagery in jewelry for a variety of reasons. They may be trying to offer the wearer protection, or perhaps they want it as an ornament that is both pretty and meaningful. Some feel their symbolism would bring them luck under certain circumstances. Whatever your reason, you can find many unusual pieces with different types of imagery.

For example, many people wear a cross as an ornament. People initially intended to protect the wearer from evil spirits and bad luck. Consider whether you believe in this type of symbolism or not – it is undoubtedly attractive either way!

Facial Piercings

Facial piercings in different places are not very common, but they can be pretty beautiful. They are one of the unusual beauty choices people make. Some of the most common facial piercings include the nose, eyebrow, and lip. You can do your nose piercing with a stud or ring, while eyebrows are often pierced with rings as well. On the other hand, lip or tongue piercing usually consists of one hole where you insert a barbell which you wear 24/hrs a day. These piercings are not very common but are quite popular among teenagers.

Unique Hairstyles

People tend to stick with what looks good on them and makes them feel great. However, some like to make a statement by trying different styles others would not usually try. One of these hairstyles is the undercut initially made popular in the 1950s as an alternative look for men; now, women have adopted it too. It is known as the undercut because it removes one of the sides of your head. 

Another popular choice is shaving all or part of your head instead of having long locks like everyone else. It may sound strange at first, but it has become a popular trend. If you think about doing this, make sure to hydrate the hair before shaving all the stubble off properly.


Some people make unusual decisions when it comes to their beauty routines. Whether they go for tattoos, piercings, or dyeing their hair in bright colors, these choices often surprise people. Even though everyone is entitled to make the best decision for themselves regarding makeup and hair care products, there are still times when a person can seem to be putting their beauty routine in jeopardy. Making unusual decisions about how you look can come with some risks, but everyone has the right to do so if it’s what they want.

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