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Do you take regular trips to the salon to keep your delicate area neat and tidy? Or is the prospect of letting a total stranger literally tear your hair out a little overwhelming? Do you like to keep it cute and clean yourself but shaving everyday is getting a little annoying? If so, this is for you.

If you don’t wax already, you should! I know it might sound insane voluntarily allowing someone to inflict pain on you, but it’s far better than shaving and hair removal creams, let me tell you why. As quick/painless as it is to come off, the quicker it comes back. Waxing takes the hair from the root so it grows back a lot slower and finer than shaving (shaving cuts the hair right to the surface of the skin, meaning you’re seeing regrowth that very day), meaning a less unsightly and softer regrowth, AND the more you do it, the less hair comes back! Read on to see why you should take up a spot of DIY on the waxing tip, you’ll see it’s really not as bad as you think.


Unless you’re just getting your eyebrows waxed, a wax from a salon can run pretty expensive; so if you’re looking at places to cut costs this year this is definitely a great place to start. At home wax kits on average can run you to about £10, and you can probably get 2/3 decent applications out of them. Parissa and Nads have some great options for your at home wax.


You’re already home, which means you won’t get that friction from your underwear/clothes rubbing against your tender bits when you leave the salon. Just throw on robe when you’re done and float around the house/apartment care hair free.


Your esthetician (waxer) is always on hand for touch ups because your esthetician is YOU! This means, no calling for appointments, no making time to go to the salon when it’s not too busy, and no waiting around for the overbooked therapist to be ready for you.


Not only do you get to stay at home, the other added bonus is you won’t have a stranger looking at your bits and literally tearing your hair out for you.


There was a moment there where you weren’t so sure if you could do this yourself, then when you started you weren’t so sure if you’d get through it (inflicting pain on yourself is not an easy task); well you did!!! Now you can celebrate with some new sexy lingerie and a large glass of something sweet. Go on with yo’ bad self!

Now I’ve convinced you to try waxing at home, make note of these little tid bits.

1: Get a hard wax that is specifically for bikini or brazilian waxing, as it’s more likely to get all the hairs out first time. [Soft wax = strips / hard wax = no strips].If you would prefer to use strips make sure you get one suitable for several areas that include the bikini line.

2: Work on your technique on your legs first, you want to apply the wax in the direction of the hair growth and pull off in the opposite direction. The natural action is to pull up, DON’T do that…you need to pull back and down, parallel to your skin.

3: Have a clear idea of what you want it to look like, do you want to leave a little tuft, or do you want a porno p***y?

4: Have a bottle of oil (baby, sweet almond, whichever oil you prefer) to remove left over wax and soothe the skin.

5: Exfoliate the area a couple of days before and after to reduce the prospect of ingrown hairs. Nads has a great solution for ingrown hairs.

6: If you are super worried about the pain you can take an over the counter pain killer an hour before (wuss!).

7: No waxing whilst on your period (who would wanna do that?!), it’s far more painful. Stay away from the wax up to a week before and during.

8: You should avoid waxing altogether if you have Diabetes, Varicose Veins, or poor circulation.

Now it’s up to you, take the plunge, and let me know how you get on!

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