Help Me Choose My Next Pair of Kicks | Nike Air Max 270

I’ve been a lover of trainers since as far back as I can remember, although I wouldn’t call myself a sneaker head. Growing up I went from the fun and exciting light up LA Gear, to cool AF British Knights, to minimal Reebok Classics, to the full family of Nike Air Max trainers.

While my love for trainers hasn’t changed, their status in the fashion world has definitely gone up a notch or two. The Athleisure trend lead to SportLuxe and now almost every high end fashion house has a collection of trainers. Meaning every trendsetter now has a serious collection of sneakers that are a major staple in chic outfits, not just for the commute.

While my style is quite minimal and paired back, I sometimes like to add a statement piece to my look. That could be outerwear, accessories, or footwear. With that said, I have a new pair of kicks on my radar; I just need to decide which colour way I want, do I want to go neutral or bold?

I love the retro influence of the Nike Air Max 270. It’s not a regular Air Max model; they were made specifically for the street. Inspired by two earlier Air Max models, the Air Max 180 (released in 1991, the first model in the line where the Air unit made direct contact with the ground) and the Air Max 93 (a running shoe whose unit curved around the entire back part of the sole) – both of which I have previously owned.

The collection has so many options to choose from, whether they have one colour overall or more colours with a contrasting bubble; they are an instant statement piece. This is due to the different textures on each model – the high shine of the large air bubble, the flat matte tone of the Nike swoosh, and the fabric of the upper of the shoe.

I love the neutral tones of the React Women’s shoe in Gold:

The statement pop of orange in the Men’s React shoe in Cream:

The coolness of the React Women’s shoe in Green:

the minimal vibe of the React Mid-Century Women’s shoe in Cream:

and the Special Edition Shoe in black:

All would go perfectly with almost every item in my wardrobe, but which ones do you think I should go for?



This year went by like a flash!  Honestly, I can’t believe how quick it’s gone; but it’s been absolutely fantastic!  I’ve had several new beginnings; new hair, new job, new friendships.


I cut my hair at the beginning of the year.  When I was in Jamaica at the end of 2017, I decided point blank, that I’d had enough of my hair – I just didn’t have the patience for it anymore – curly or straight.  If I had my scissors with me, I’d have cut it there and then.

I did it gradually, starting with a bob in January, but only because I wanted to enjoy each stage before I got rid of it all. By April I was bald!

Now, I know this sounds super cliché but cutting the hair, made me cut the crap.  It was such a positive change for me, for more reasons than one.

It’s crazy but, removing the question “what should I do with my hair?”, somehow made it easier to make other decisions; easier to get rid of stuff; easier to be more carefree.

“Say it with me son, J.O.B.”

Craig’s Dad

I started a new job in the spring; I was completely out of my comfort zone, and some of it was incredibly challenging.  I couldn’t run away from the challenges, I had to tackle them head on, as well as make sure that I did them well.

I’m so grateful for the challenge; it really stretched me as a person, as well as adding another string to my career bow. And I made a great friend during the process.

DJ Sweetz

My brother turned 21 in May; he wanted a house party, and me to DJ.  Which of course, I did…. the next day I was offered a radio show!

I hmm’d and ahh’d at first, but then I decided I was up for the challenge. I bought some new equipment, did a couple of demos, and the Pick ‘N’ Mix show was born.

Although DJing came quite naturally to me, having a radio show definitely took some getting used to. But now it’s second nature, and I love it!


I had some great trips with some great people:

January – Paris with India

July – Paris with India again

July – Rotterdam with my honey, my cousin, her partner, and some friends

September – New York solo, for my birthday

November – Gran Canaria with Lee Lee

I also got to see Beyoncé and Jay-Z on their OTR II tour, AND Lauryn Hill on her 20th Anniversary of Miseducation… tour.

I knew that I wanted this year to be different, I knew that I wanted it to be better, and it well and truly was. I have no complaints, no regrets – ever! As Chance the Rapper says in ‘Best Life’, “turned all my L’s into lessons”. It’s the way forward trust me.

I will continue to live my best life in 2019, and I hope you do too!


It was love at first sight when I saw these Moschino shades; I was instantly reminded of the iconic Lolita cover!  So I just had to have them!

Now you know I’m a solid aviator lover, but cat-eye shades are the on-trend shape right now.  They pack a punch and make a statement. (more…)


When I was asked if I’d like to take the So Shape challenge, I jumped at the chance! My “problem” area is my stomach, so I wanted to see if this system was something that could tackle that for me.  Any excuse to banish belly bloat.  I’m heading to Jamaica next month, so I needed to get an accelerated start on my beach body.


The way this challenge works is that you’re supposed to have a So Shape shake for breakfast, whatever you want for lunch (within reason), and a So Shape shake, soup, or meal for dinner. I chose to do the Reborn Challenge, which in hindsight is a little hardcore for my first crack at one of these types of diets. (more…)


As if my pockets weren’t hurt enough (check my last post), I just found a new place to shop!

Now, you know how much I love to keep my look fresh while keeping with my personal style; but I also have a love/hate relationship with spending money.  It’s safe to say I’m a bit of an oxyMORON when it comes to shopping. (more…)