If you’re up for following this winter’s décor trends, there are plenty of things you can do to add a seasonal touch to your home and bedroom. Here’s a list of a few tips to turn your house into a cosy, warm sanctuary.


Some of the most popular winter colours are blue and purple. Light blues and turquoises are great for creating a wintry effect and work well with neutrals such as white and browns.


Purples are great for bringing warmth to a room and a good choice for bedroom décor. They also work well with whites and browns, but you can try adding in some complementary colours for a bit of additional verve. Use this colour wheel tool to make some great palettes.

The Bed

Of course, the bed is going to be the centre of attention in your bedroom.  One great tip for decorating the bed is to pile the pillows on.  A lot of pillows can give your bed a really deluxe look, as well as making your bed a comfy haven.  Be sure to accessorise with colourful pillowcases and cushions.

 Another option is to have a throw over the end of the bed. This adds a pop of colour and looks great.


You could even go all out and invest in a new mattress or bed frame. There’s a huge range of affordable beds and accessories at Bedstar. Leather and wooden bed frames are great around winter, or you could treat yourself to a memory foam mattress for even more comfort.

Furniture and Storage

If you’re looking for a little something more for your bedroom and it’s looking empty, you could try bringing in a lounger or armchair for a little place to read or relax. You could put it in the corner of the room or by a window. You can also use pillows and cushions to decorate these.

Some extra storage space may be needed after Christmas.  A stylish, wooden dresser or wardrobe may be a good investment. If you’re going for a warm-coloured room (reds, purples, oranges, etc.) some dark coloured wooden furniture really complements it. You could even combine both seating and storage with an ottoman.  Storage boxes under the bed are a good idea if your bedroom is starting to get quite crowded.


Lighting can really affect the feel of a room. Dim lights, such as candles or fairy lights, are great for setting a cosy, wintry mood and are great for winding down at night time. Plus, they’re pretty and save on the electricity bill.


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