Bingo has suffered over the years with a reputation that perhaps isn’t as cool as it could be. The image of groups of older people going down to the local bingo hall still sticks in many peoples’ minds as the prevailing image of a game that has never entirely disappeared.

Bingo’s enduring popularity

Bingo halls cropped up throughout the UK in the 50s and 60s and gave people – the clientele were mostly female – a place to go and play their game, socialise with their friends, meet new people and have the chance of winning.

As the game is simple and easy to pick up, it’s perhaps been more popular with those who don’t want to become entrenched in more complicated gambling games, and is easily accessible for everyone to have a go at.

Bingo halls were extremely popular and a common sight in many towns and cities for years. Their popularity took rather a nosedive as the reputation of bingo became predominantly working class and other forms of entertainment became cheaper and more accessible.

The bingo revival

Chains like Mecca Bingo managed to corner the market of the surviving bingo aficionados, offering as they do, the chance for people to come together and socialise while they play. However, you could argue that bingo is a more solitary pursuit when taken seriously. Anyone who has been in a bingo hall will be familiar with the hushed silence that goes along with the number calling, and the sheer concentration needed to keep up with multiple games.

The fact is bingo is a very enjoyable game to play – it’s simple yet holds your concentration and can become pretty addictive. Its social aspect is also behind its recent online revival with lots of companies now offering sophisticated bingo games online, along with special bonuses and the chance to chat with friends.

Bingo moves online

With its shift online with companies like Coral Bingo ( offering a seamless way to play bingo, chat with friends and win excellent prizes, it’s not surprising the game has become cool again. More and more people are discovering the joy of online bingo and the core demographic has shifted to the younger generation.

No longer the preserve of older players, bingo is now popular with people in their 20s and 30s, and with online bingo sites becoming ever more sophisticated, even younger. The ability to play bingo on handheld devices like tablets and smartphones is obviously part of the appeal – it’s an easy game to dip in and out of, and the seamless integration of web and mobile apps make this simple and fast for players.

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