So into the new Guinness TV ad campaign! It features Congolese fashion cult the Sapeurs (men who make the transformation from farmers, taxi drivers and labourers to cigar-wielding gentlemen dressed to the nines in bowler hats and tailored suits) of the Republic of the Congo capital Brazzaville coming together after a day’s work.

The Sapeurs live by a moral code, where style and attitude counts over occupation or wealth. The name is derived from the French slang for “dressing with class”.

“Through their attitude and style they demonstrate that no matter the circumstance you can always choose who you are,” said Stephen O’Kelly, Guinness marketing director for western Europe.

The ad forms part of Guinness’s “Made of More” strategy, which aims to showcase ordinary people from around the world who are inspirational.

Too short? Wanna see more of the Sapeurs? Watch a short documentary here.

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