Stop the press! Chic Freak have just launched The Biker. No explanation needed as to why we’re so excited, their latest product is a fabulous wardrobe staple that comes in three colours to fit into every wardrobe; Jet Black, Royal Marine Blue, and Racing Green.

The Chic Freak leather biker jacket features chunky zipper details, quilted shoulder panels, and a double use zip adding a new twist to the much loved biker jacket allowing The Biker to be worn loose, fitted or open.

Tamarisk, the designer behind The Biker was inspired during the summer of 2013 to experiment with high quality leather integrated with interesting stitch detail. Her main inspiration where the the local residents of Portobello Road, who where in and around her store.

A steal at just £165, get it from or pick it up in their store in Portobello Market.

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