It’s finally the weekend, Friday was pay day and there’s big plans for Saturday night. This has been anticipated for a month and friends have even agreed to be called “The Wolf Pack”. The following is a guide on how to get the most out of the big weekend extravaganza.

Saturday Night

Getting The Right Threads

When hitting the casino you have to look sharp, make the most of it and live like a film star if just for 24 hours. Now a tux is the obvious choice here, just make sure you tie your own bow-tie as this isn’t amateur hour! Some may want to take the less travelled road, who wouldn’t, clip on ties were designed exactly for that! A dapper dinner jacket is appropriate with shirt and tie, James Bond never went out in jeans and T-shirt. Crack out the tie clip you got last Christmas and never had a chance to wear, consider them an investment in this night.

Travel In Style

With the clothes sorted, now add the impact. Naturally, the dream would be to rock up in a helicopter but calm down those ambitions. A Limo it is, hey life sucks sometimes. Just make sure to get a ride with a wet bar and make full use of it!

Choosing Your Poison

Speaking of which, there’s a choice here: James Bond class, or Hangover-style shenanigans? Either way it’s recommended starting out with a tasty cocktail or three. From then it’s up to you to stay classy or decide whose body you end up taking shots off of.

Spending Your Money

This is what it’s all about! Casinos offer all kinds of ways to spend hard-earned money, profit or not. Style over substance is no bad thing! Get your friends to gather around the roulette tables causing a ruckus every time you roll the dice. Classic movie material.

Sunday Morning

Back To The Land Of The Living

You made it home, maybe you remember last night, maybe you don’t. Maybe there’s a beautiful stranger next to you! First thing’s first: coffee, some orange juice and a Full English Breakfast. Then back to bed to wallow in the hangover, bask in the memories of last night and check the pockets of the tux. It doesn’t have to end there though, with any luck your bank balance has drastically increased and you’re all the wiser. Time to reach for the laptop.

Take It Online

Here’s the perfect opportunity to relive the previous night and make a little more cash. With so many online gambling opportunities it’d be rude not to. Intertops Casino is an ideal choice here, offering almost everything from last night’s casino action including roulette, all from the comfort of your bed.

So there it is, the definitive guide to a casino weekend. From Saturday night to Sunday morning living in classic casino movie style, go ahead and take the ride, Vegas baby!

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