In the spirit of the Olympics I’m on a mission to ‘GET FIT’ for 2012. I will be recording my physical progress and commenting on my gym (Nuffield Health), my work out plan and fitness gear I’ll be wearing. The desired outcome is to de-stress, getting fit, and having an overall healthier lifestyle.

Being in my late 20s, as a size 10, 5’ 10” girl people may believe I hit the gym regularly; when in reality I’ve never worked out a day in my life. Cardio for me is shopping and walking around central London to various press days; and with a lot of companies offering online shopping that cuts the “cardio” in half! Being blessed with a great metabolism is not enough, I hear all the ‘horror’ stories about ‘once you hit 30 your metabolism slows right down’ so I know one day it will come to a grinding halt, the main thing on my agenda is getting fit and feeling healthy so I don’t feel completely winded after running for a bus!

Running two fashion/lifestyle sites, designing and customising outfits, and being a social butterfly doesn’t exactly leave much time for anything else. I want to show you (and myself) that you can have the busy lifestyle and still have/make time to get fit and healthy.

I’m not the only one on this ‘GET FIT’ caper, this series is being tried and tested by Toronto based fashion lifestyle site Coco&; personal fashion lifestyle blog QOTUGIRL (launching in May 2012); and my style blog

Next step, my body M.O.T.

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