As you know, we love a bit of eyewear over here at Freak Deluxe but shamefully haven’t done a GotW post in yonks! Well today we’re gonna hit you up with not one, not two, but three pairs to bridge the gap. This weeks glasses are by Derek Cardigan, we were introduced to a whole stack of his retro designs and fell in love instantly. The styles range from ‘horn’ rimmed ‘Malcom X’ style frames to oversized Austin Powers type frames. Our personal faves are the faded, ice (completely clear), and the pastel shade they call birch. It’s the little things that get us, you know those little metal bits at the corner of the frame that look like a ‘minus’ sign (Tom Ford has little Ts), well this particular brand has swapped them out for a ‘÷’ and ‘x’. As I said it’s the little things + we love math! To take a gander for yourself at the whole range and more click here.

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