Some of the most unique interior designs can be created from items you can find at antique sales, rummage sales, etc. Here are some tips to use upcycling to create an interior that reflects your own unique style.

Imagine what it could be

Sure, a piece of furniture might look rough, but you need to imagine what it could be like with a little work. Furniture that is made of solid wood can be restored in many different ways with less work than you might think. A bit of paint can go a long way as well. Just make sure that a piece is suitable for the type of treatment you want to do. Particle board furniture, for example, is not suitable for refinishing, but you could glue some wallpaper on it if it is structurally sound. 

Collages of memories

Small end tables as well as larger tables can be beautiful ways to display collages of images that you treasure. For this project, you will need a clean table top and the objects or pictures you want to be a part of your table. You will need to buy special resin that is used to coat bar tops and tables. One quart of this will do up to nine square feet of space. If you want a seaside theme for an end table, you could embed seashells or even pictures of a trip you loved.



If you want a design on a dresser or bookshelf, then stencils might be the answer. Stencilling makes it easy even for the beginner to create beautiful designs. You can make your own stencils, and there are instructions online; however, the stencils are very inexpensive to purchase and can be reused many times.

Gathering your tools and supplies

Many projects can be carried out with little more than some paint and a paintbrush. If there is old flaky paint, you will need to sand it down first. Older furniture may have lead paint, so make sure you use a proper respirator or special solvents that remove lead paint safely. Minor scratches and imperfections can be covered up using products that restore finishes. Make sure that no matter what you decide to use, you have all your supplies on-hand before starting.


Finishing touches

Great furniture needs accessories to complement it and show it in the best light. Real wood shutters can help control the light and feel of a space, and they look very elegant as well. Shutters can also be used as bulletin boards for a vintage look. Nice carpets can sometimes be bought used and restored with a thorough cleaning.

Add up the savings

Upcycling can allow you to have unique pieces in your home or office for a low price. New furniture can be expensive, especially if it is of high quality. Used furniture that needs a little work often gets sold because people either want a change or don’t want to take the time to have it restored.

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