Mickey Mouse is the 9th cultural icon to be celebrated by Moleskine; the new, limited-edition range of notebooks honour the art of sketching, drawing, and design.

The Mickey Mouse Limited Edition Moleskine notebooks showcase the creative process of drawing Mickey Mouse and how he has evolved over time. While inside, the flyleaves include a six-page, step-by-step drawing guide with instructions such as “Keep his feet blocky and simple” and “Mickey Mouse stands 2 ½ heads tall”. A further drawing guide is tucked into the inner pocket at the back, providing additional instructions and inspiration. Available in two sizes, the notebook’s cover features a debossed sketch of Mickey Mouse, which was designed by a Disney artist especially for this limited-edition range.

The Mickey Mouse Limited Edition Moleskine notebooks are available in stores and on the official Moleskine e-store priced at £18.50, and the small pocket-sized one is £13.99.

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