AAA Launch at Topman

Topman have finally launched their new range AAA, it was supposed to launch in April but due to the Ash Cloud it had to be postponed. Jemima Odonkor cover the event for Freak Deluxe.

On Friday the 28th I went on down to TOPMAN for the launch of their new range AAA (Access All Areas), I tired to drag a friend with me as I had a +1 but everybody was busy so I went alone.

As I approached it my immediate thought was that it was very small and swamped with model looking guys, I could see someone getting a lot of attention so I walked a bit closer and noticed it was Frankie from The Saturdays, photo opportunity I thought but didn’t get one. She was socialising with her own little entourage, one of them looked like it could of been her sister actually.

I started to get a bit thirsty and as there wasn’t anyone walking around with Cocktails I went in search for them.

The event was full of press, in a corner laid out on tables were bottles of Rekorderlig (think its a beer) and Vitamin Water drinks, there were also a few finger nibbles to be had. I didn’t take advantage of them, just swiped myself a Lemon Vitamin Water and got to wondering about a bit, as much as I could anyway.

The duo Dj’s went by the name of Primary 1

and there were 4 stylist floating around, I knew one of them (Nigel) so got him to inform me a bit on the styling process. He said anyone can book an appointment to go down and get styled and its a FREE, they also offer a tempting incentive to booking a session for Fashion Friday, (which is every last friday of the month) you get a nice 15% off of your transaction, which is pretty decent, a buy with a discount is a good buy to me.

After our chat I got him to grab me a goodie bag and was very surprised to see how good it was, in the bag was a floral bow tie (very me) a vest from the new AAA range (my size) and a Time Out book about life and the arts industry since 1968, there was also a couple other things such as magazines and leaflets but that’s the main bulk of the goodies.

I hung around for a bit after getting my goodie bag, but noticed that people were beginning to leave, (I thought it finished at 9 but got told its 8) and there wasn’t anything else going on so I said my goodbyes and bounced out.

Overall opinion was it was okay but a tad bit claustrophobic.

Words by Jemima Odonkor

Press Days, WAH Nails, and The City at Armani!

Thursday 27th May…

Woah today was a super busy one for Freak Deluxe! I had it all mapped out –

1st stop QVC on Greek St, Soho Sq, then on to the Schuh Press Day at the Vinyl Factory on Poland St, then a brisk walk up to Marylebone for GFW, then a tube journey over to Waterloo for a boat ride to the Hugo Boss Boat Launch, then home.

Well before I’d even got to the first stop I get a phone call from a certain Miss Ashley Madekwe telling me we have a couple of parties to go to this evening. One of them being The City party at Armani in association with MTV and the other a possible cameo at the SATC party! ‘All change please!!!’

I had to call in the re-inforcements and get someone to cover the Hugo Boss Boat Launch, so I put a tweet out asking who wanted to cover it for the mag (yes I do that sometimes, so if you want in FOLLOW!!!) Then went on about my business…

The QVC press day was good, they had cute lil home made cupcakes for a start off

I don’t know about you but I always think of tacky jewellery, cheap skin products and wacky contraptions when I think of QVC, so it was a pleasant surprise to see that it was far from that.

Some of their Fashion Pieces had even been used in the new SATC film!

Their pieces are really nice with great price points, they have a ton of beauty products to choose from.

Their homeware is grand, I’m a sucker for soft furnishings. I just love this chair and the cushions on it.

This laptop was also featured on SATC and it’s exclusive to QVC!

This juicer is so cool, it comes in a range of colours from orange to lime green and pink as of October for Breast Cancer awareness. The company was started by a 99 yr old man! No-one can tell me they’re too old for anything after hearing that!

On leaving I made sure I took a cake and a goody bag, which was actually good, full of Philosophy goodies.

On to the Vinyl Factory for the Schuh press day, which was held downstairs in a really nice gallery space. It’s huge down there! So on entry I was offered a choice of bagels (instant WIN) I opted for cream cheese which was put into this cute lil ‘Chinese take-away box’

They also had these Cake Pops, looks like a lollipop but it’s cake and icing on a stick!

They’re onto a winner this season with their shoes. There are some definite winners…

So on the way round I took pictures and booked my session with WAH Nails! Where I got this done…

The pics aren’t 100% coz I was trying to snap while my nails were being done…

Nails did, time to make a swift exit to the GFW Show in Marylebone, I wanted another bagel but my nails were wet and I didn’t want to be greedy.

After the show we caught a taxi down to Regent Street for MTV’s The City party at Armani Exchange. The cocktails were just perfect, we started off with a grapefruit cocktail that had no name…we called it YUM!

We then moved on to the Lychee Martinis – of which we had about 5!!! Then caught up with Taloula Adeyemi and Mason.

There were Krispy Kreme donuts and canapes, the best being the mini cheese burgers and mini red velvet cake!

We then saw Ophelia and Shanika from “4321” perfect!

From L-R: Ophelia Lovibond, Shanika Warren-Markland, Tolula Adeyemi, Joaqin, Mason, Ashley Madekwe

Chit chat, a cigarette, couple of snaps, and 3 more cocktails later, we decided to leave and moved on to Bungalow 8 for the Max Azria’s BCBG afterparty.

Such a busy day but oh so good!

Sarah-Jayne, Mason Simillie, Tolula Adeyemi, Ashley Madekwe, Moi, Shola Ama

WAH Nails Leopard Print Step By Step

Yesterday I went to the Schuh AW10 press day at the Vinyl Factory, the space down stairs is amazing for parties, exhibitions, etc. I was pleasantly surprised to see they had WAH Nails there doing complementary nail art!

I opted for the signature WAH leopard print in nude beige, pink and black, I took some pics along the way of the WAH leopard process…

Add the base colour, two coats…

Next add the contrasting dots…

Go round the dots with a nail art pen…

Then the all important quick drying topcoat…et voila!

J’adore my WAH leopard print nails! I feel a challenge coming on, can I do it myself?

New Louis Vuitton Maison on Bond Street

Wednesday 26th May…

Today I went to view the new Louis Vuitton Maison on Bond Street before it’s Grand Opening on Friday 28th May.

The store was designed by architect Peter Marino, the Maison ranges over three floors and encompasses 1,500 square metres of retail space at the junction of New Bond Street and Clifford Street. In keeping with Vuitton’s long-standing commitment to the Arts, there is a library showcasing the best of British contemporary art and bespoke commissions by artists Anish Kapoor, Chris Ofili and Gary Hume.

The store is AMAZING (aside from walking in to the most delicious lemon meringues)!!!

The windows are something special, I love the Chesterfield padding, the multi-coloured fox tails and tribute bags, the monogram covered mannequins, and the LV woodland creatures!

When you walk in you don’t know where to look or where to go first. Do you go right and look at the huge trunks and luggage…

Or do you make a left to be wowed by the Womens Accessories…

The LV planets in the ceiling actually rotate! And look at the floor…

The accessories are of course super cute, and the presentation is immense…

Just past this section there’s a life size statue by Takashi Murakami that rotates…

Next up is the Bag Bar!!!

With a display that moves…

Swing right to the sunglasses (I’m a sucker for sunnies), the ceiling moves up and down. Tall people will feel like they’re in an Indiana Jones film…

I love these heads, it’s like they have their own personality. I thought they were going to start talking to me, the fashion version of ‘Return to Oz’!

The ‘Leo’ wall is next, the now iconic leopard print scarf comes in 5 colourways, 4 of which are limited edition…

There’s also a wall of moving scarves!

There’s a working sculpture on the Mens floor buy Michael Landy…

and if you look up there’s luggage decorating the intricate detailed walls…

There was a poetry reading upstairs on the Womens by Charlie Dark and others to promote the collaboration of a book with Chris Ofili.

The Louis Vuitton New Bond Street Maison will be open to the public on Friday 28th May, marking the most important date in Louis Vuitton’s 125-year association with London.

Here’s what the celebs thought of the Maison and LV…

Noel Clarke’s ‘4321’ Premiere

Tuesday 25th May…

Robinson Pfeffer Showroom visit and Noel Clarke’s ‘4321’ Premiere!!!

Today I spent the day with Ashley Madekwe, we made early afternoon trip down to the Robinson Pfeffer showroom where we saw some great Australian brands that will be breaking into the UK fashion scene any time soon.

Our faves were:

Sosume – we were lured by the jersey!

Stolen Girlfriends Club – some of the collection is a lil Wang-esque and the jewellery is super cute!

Tina Kalivas – inspired by totempoles

Lucy Hutchings – Fashion forward jewellery with some She-ra esque pieces

Beau Coops – Amazing footwear brand, on point with their collection

After the showroom visit we headed back to Belsize Park to get ready for the premiere of Noel Clarke’s new film ‘4321’ starring Emma Roberts, Ophelia Lovibond, Tamsin Egerton, and Shanika Warren-Markland as the leads.

4,3,2,1 - World Premiere - Inside Arrivals
Cast from L-R: Emma Roberts, Ophelia Lovibond, Noel Clarke, Tamsin Egerton, Shanika Warren-Markland

Organised as we are we ordered the taxi early, we hmm’d and ahh’d about whether we should go for Addison Lee or Swiss Cars. In the end we went for the latter as we had, had a bad experience with the former before. By the time the taxi came, I still had the mad dash before I left the house “have I got everything, let me rub that last bit of lotion in  my legs, I can do my boots up in the car” I’m sure you know how it is. Even though we had called the cab to arrive to us an hour before we needed to be there, he took the most ridiculous route and got us stuck in traffic for hmm about 20 mins!!!

We had a car pass and all for us to hop out the car straight onto the red carpet, alas we had to jump out on Piccadilly and walk the rest of the way braving the wind in our hair and up our skirts! When we did finally push through the crowds it was great, fans and paps alike were screaming Ashley’s name for autographs and photo ops. I got caught in the background of one of them as Iddo (the boy, as she so affectionately calls him) told me as soon as we got home 😀

4,3,2,1 - World Premiere - Red Carpet Arrivals
Ashley on the red carpet (me in the background)

After the screening we made our way to the after party (via McDonalds, both having Quarter Cheese Meals one plain, one no pickles or onions, coke and still fanta). We did a lap to look for Noel to congratulate him on the film, couldn’t see him on the fist lap so we went to the bar for a cocktail. Spotted Noel after 5mins who quickly ushered us to the VIP area, where we spoke with actress Ophelia Lovibond (who is lovely), met Noel’s wife (complemented her on Clarke Jr. who makes a cameo in the film) and were offered mini burgers (which we couldn’t take advantage of due to the earlier McDonalds!)

4,3,2,1 - World Premiere - Inside Arrivals
The lovely Ophelia Lovibond

After writing this, I realise that I should’ve taken pics of absolutely everything! I love visuals! Oh well, on to the next one…