Parrot Zikmu ‘in Color’ by Philippe Starck

Famous wireless speakers are now available in 4 stylish colors and reinvent the magic of Zikmu sound.

Parrot, global leader in wireless devices for mobile phones, is launching a new colored range of its stereo speakers Zikmu by Philippe Starck: Arctic White, Pearl Grey and Sorbet Lime.

Magnified by the smart and aerial design from Philippe Starck, the state-of-the-art technology and the pure sound of the Zikmu take another dimension with the ‘in color’ collection: the elegance of Black, the purity of White, the sobriety of Grey and the fancy of Yellow … Let your imagination run wild…

“With Zikmu, we created a beautiful and a unique object, for listening to music with today’s digital devices: iPod, iPhone, PC, Mac, television,” explains Henri Seydoux, founder of Parrot. “With the ‘Zikmu in color’ collection, we pursue the idea of a high-tech product which is part of everyday life, in the same way as a piece of furniture or a decorative object. You choose it because you like it, because you will live well with it.”

Within the framework of the launch of Zikmu ‘in color’ launch, Parrot is providing a software update* which will improve customer experience.

A new web interface including:

–       A new browsing mode available from the web browser and enabling you to select the music in the iPod

–       An equalizer offering pre-settings according to the chosen music themes

*As for each Parrot product, Zikmu speakers, will benefit from new software improvement, available for free via Parrot website:

Parrot Zikmu by Starck offers a 360° immersive sound, a perfect and crystal clear sound image, thanks to the NXT technology and a very specific control of all electrodynamic elements via a system of DSP processing and amplifiers.

With Parrot Zikmu, you can listen to your music from today’s digital devices:

–       iPod®/iPhone via a dedicated docking station

–       PC, with audio streaming via Wi-Fi and Bluetooth

–       Mac computers and Bluetooth mobile phones, with audio streaming via Bluetooth® Stereo (A2DP)

Furthermore, a RCA line-in enables Parrot Zikmu to be connected to TV screen for a Home Cinema sound effect.

Wireless stereo speakers Zikmu ‘in Color’ Parrot by Starck will be available from April 2010 at 1.000£ inc. VAT.

For further information about Parrot Zikmu ‘in Color’ by Starck wireless speakers, visit /


Freak Deluxe met up with the guys from streetwear brand Trainerspotter to talk booty shakin’, new designs, and more parties.

So Dan, when did Trainerspotter start out?

Trainerspotter began as a side project between myself and my business partner and friend Russ Gater back in 2002.

Whats the inspiration behind the label, your key inspirations?

A love of sports heritage and sportswear, we set out to create a brand that represented our passion.  I met Russ through a friend who introduced us due to our mutual hobby for collecting vintage sportswear, predominately Nike.   Our collections defined our interests and that drove the design ethos, we started with drawings of our favorite shoes from the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s and also sports hero’s like Steve Prefontaine who was Nike’s first endorsed athlete.

How long till it spread it’s wings and took off?

Not very,  after having the first few t-shirt designs in a store called Jello, in my then home town Brighton, we found the brand became very much in demand as we were then approached by the Levis concept store Cinch on Newburgh St behind Carnaby St, London to stock Trainerspotter. Then Beams from Japan came knocking on the door.

When did you realize you wanted to become a fashion designer?

Hmm, I don’t really feel like a fashion designer, I didn’t study fashion I just fell into the industry through my hobbys and working in retail.

What’s your take on fashion and the industry?

Fashion is in total retrospect right now, everyone is looking back.

How would you define London fashion?

By postcode..

What was the first article of clothing you ever designed?

The Trainerspotter windjammer, I wanted to explore a literall interpretation of a sports fashion garment so I took a well known sports jacket shape from the 70”s and 80’s and juxtaposed the sports part using a technical lightweight waterproof nylon for the upper and put that against a  printed cotton twill hich we had obtained from  U.K designer Luella Bartley for the base ..Sports meets Fashion.  It’s important to note that this was before Nike started to reissue their version of the wind runner jacket.

What are your accomplishments as a designer?

Establishing a business with no outside participation, funding or compromise.

Who are your favorite designers?

Jeff Johnson, he was Nike’s first employee, he designed most of Nike’s first shoes and he also gave the Nike brand it’s name.  Phil Knight, Nike’s CEO had originally decided on the name Dimension 6, the world could have been so different, I mean imagine the world without Nike.   One of our earliest t-shirts was a call out to bring Jeff Johnson back to Nike as we felt at the time that Nike’s footwear designs were on the decline.  Tinker Hatfield, another Nike designer, he put the Air into Nike!

Where can readers buy your clothes?

In the U.K we have a great selection of directional fashion stores who stock the brand,  these include Size?, Attic in Aberdeen, End in Newcastle, Forum in Swindon, Soi77 in Huddersfield, Ryouki of Oxford, Seasons in Sheffield and Goodstead up in Edinburgh.. For Worldwide stockists check

What do you believe makes a quality article of clothing?

Something that makes you feel like you can take on  the world!  Weather for fashion or function , or both!

What matters to you most as a fashion designer?

Creating a garment that can have wide appeal but retains integrity.

What would be your advice for any budding designer?

Get a job in retail working for a store that represents your idea of good design and fashion.  It’s a great opportunity to learn what sells, why and to whom.

What’s next for Trainerspotter?

Spring and Summer 2010, and a new windjammer collection in collaberation with Liberty.

You’ve previously featured Tinchy Strider and Ashley Madekwe in your campaigns, who’s next?

The Dixon Brothers!  Good friends of mine.  We were introduced a few years back by mutual friend Fly Bryce, a.k.a Dean from Ninja Tune’s.  Me and Dean threw a party called Heds in the basement of  the bar Dream Bags and Jaguar Shoes in Shorditch, London .  Dean called on Adrian Dixon to come and DJ, it went off!  We just finished a photo shoot for the SS10 campaign using the brothers for models.  The shoot was orchestrated by stylist Stephen Mann of the Non Place and Photographer Neil Bedford.

Can we look forward to any more parties?

We did one at Size?, Carnaby St last year with Speech Debelle and again the Dixon Brothers.  It worked really well so there are talks of another one and there are always discusions about HedsII, it will happen.

And talking of parties we heard you like to seriously dutty whine, whats your favourite bootay slammin tracks?

Ha ha, who told you that!  O.k, I do like a good party..  Here are 10 tracks from many that would make me cut it up on the dance floor..

  1. Original Nuttah – Shy FX
  2. Trucks –J Dilla
  3. Rudy, A message to you – Dandy Livingstone
  4. Who am I – Beenie Man
  5. Under Me Sensi – Alozade Hollow and Mr Vegas
  6. Erotic City – Prince
  7. Battle – Wookie
  8. Shimmy shimmy Ya – ODB
  9. Valley Of the Shadows – ??
  10. Witness – Roots Manuva

Dixon Bros

Freak Deluxe caught up with DJs the Dixon Bros to talk mixing on tape decks, time travel, and Fisher Price!

When did you first realise your passion for music?

J: When my uncle DJ’d at my 10th birthday party…I had a Gola Tracksuit and box, box, box fresh Hi-Teks…then did the running man for 3 hours

A: When Justin got his Fisher Price turntables… can’t remember how old I was but they were the lick!

Running man for 3hrs Justin?! Fisher Price always had the best toys back in the day. How long have you been DJing?

J: Around a decade

A: My first mix was when I was 14 using a dual tape deck and two old jungle tapes (pressing play at the same time – genius) So I guess 12 years

Mickey Finn in the making Adrian? How did you get into it?

J: Circa 1995 – I used to work for a well-known fast food chain. A friend of mine Alex Hagley used to regularly tear up the work Christmas party…I guess that’s when I took an active interest in how it was done

A: When I was at High School I saw a documentary on LTJ Bukem and MC Conrad and thought yes that is the life!! Also it was coincidentally around the time that girls at school thought DJ’s or anyone on a Pirate Station were the top boys!

Ulterior motives eh Adrian? What’s your best set to date?

J: There have been so many memorable ones – Glastonbury, Proud Galleries, Bacardi Live tour, winning a Radio 1 competition to DJ with the Dreem Teem…I really couldn’t say

A: For me it would be the Dirty Boots stage at Glastonbury 2009! I’ll never forget cuttin up Rage Against The Machine – Killing In The Name and the crowd going nuts!!!!

But running a close second has to be the Trainerspotter party at Dream Bags and Jaguar Shoes in Shoreditch. We’d just flown in from Spring Break UK and Justin couldn’t make it so I took to the party on my own… AND IT WENT ORRRRRFFFFF!! Got so hot and sweaty in there that I had to throw away my shirt after the dance!!! First time meeting the guys at TS so a pretty memorable night for us

That party was THE ONE – couldn’t help but dance and get sweaty!!! Where do you go from here? What’s the next step?

J: The next step is to start the international campaign – passports and flip-flops are a go

A: National Radio most definitely!!

Just remember to leave room in on of your suitcases for me. What’s happening for you now?

Recovering from last night’s set… ugh

Three words to sum up Dixon Bros

J: Good y’know!

A: We’re really brothers

Bros before…What music do you play?

We cut, scratch and mix to a good standard, so we can pretty much get from A-Z via M pretty seamlessly. The mantra we go by is “The best house party you will ever go to”

So pretty much everything yeah! Which other countries have you played?

Kos, Spain for Spring Break UK

What was the first event you ever played?

J: A couple of years in front of the counter local record stores buoyed me to go to university bragging about my DJ prowess – an unmitigated work of fiction, I might add. Although the principles were certainly nailed in my head

Anyway, I finally managed to get to a gig at our halls of residence ball. Cue trip to HMV Birmingham, 5 vinyl’s, 3 tracks per plate = 15 tracks!

Track 1) Lovebug: Got the tempo right and tentatively crept into the mix. What I didn’t know is that Lovebug slows down at the end of the track and it duly did so smack bang in the middle of the mix – FAIL

Track 2) Ramsey & Fen Style: Tempos locked, mix nailed in headphones…enjoying listening to it so much so that Style runs out…SILENCE

Track 3) Perfect – the rest is history!

A: First set was for a party my crew at the time G.N.E were throwing at Po Na Na in Croydon. I was mad nervous Justin turned up and had to stand behind me to back me up, I think at one time strong arming the next DJ who was trying to bully me off. My hand was shaking and sweating so much I couldn’t put the needle on the record but after I got into my stride I think I did pretty well.

That’s what brother’s are for, what was your first record you bought?

J: Mc Hammer – U Can’t Touch This on cassette

A: Boom Shake The Room on tape… first vinyl I acquired was Kid Creole Annie I’m Not Your Daddy (and trust me he was not)

Out of all the tunes you have, which one ‘never fails?’

J: Probably one of our mashups – I have a personal favourite Milkshake acapella/Madonna Holiday instrumental

A: My new mash up featuring It Takes Two and Ben E King Stand By Me… I’m waiting to here someone copy it I know it’s coming but that mix is all Dixon!

What’s you favourite tune of all time (that’s not one of your mash ups)?

J: Nu Yorican Soul – Black Gold of the Sun (4hero remix)

A: WOW hard question… probably Dem 2 – Destiny due to the lengths I had to go to get it when it came out! Literally stalking the guys at Big Apple Records and Swag Records.

Note to self – Ade has stalking tendencies! When all the partying is over how do you like to chill out?

J: DJ Hero

A: Beer and Top Gear

How big is your vinyl collection?

About 7,000 the rest are on MP3 as we user Serato

What’s the funniest thing that ever happened at an event?

J: Back in t’day…leaning over the decks to place a smacker on a rather attractive fan…headphone lead tracks needle completely across the record –FFFFFRRRRRRRUUUIIIIIP!! Silence. I’m left there pouted lips with every eye in the room on me.

A: Back in t’day when I liked to show the hell off (still do mind) I was scratching behind my back with headphones on. Didn’t notice that I’d somehow turned the main master volume down so nothing was coming through the speakers… I was enjoying myself though

LOL!!! If you could stage a rave anywhere, where would you choose?

J: Your house!

A: Roof top party in New York

I can’t wait for you to stage a rave at my house! If you had a time machine what year would you go back to and why?

J: 1940s New Orleans speakeasy Jazz Club

A: 1993 the year of my 10th birthday party at Wimpy!!!! Ended up with two dustbin liners full of presents. I got two Phantom action figures… made Justin a little upset (“,)

No-one likes a show off Ade *pause* So you’re the new ‘faces’ of Trainerspotter! Models now, what was that like?

Getting involved with Trainerspotter is crazy! It wasn’t too long before we met Dan at TS that I was in a shop in Brighton handing over payment for this awesome sweater with a skull made out of ants on the front, and to now be reppin for them is great!!!! The brand is really making their mark in the industry and we’re just happy to be rolling with em’

We’re looking forward to seeing the results of their SS 2010 shoot, it was our first time modeling so was a bit of a baptism of fire, but word is the shots are pretty heavy!

You can catch Dixon Bros in action every Friday at Proud Galleries in Camden, expect this…

Contact and interact with them here:

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