I have made a decision for the next year to totally reduce my spending.  I’ve come to realise I waste a lot of money, and barely save any, so I’m making a conscious effort to stop spending and start saving.  I’ve said this many times and gone back on it – but I don’t think I really ever meant it, otherwise, well, I would have done it.  I have bought a lot of stuff over the last year, and I’ve noticed that I repeat things.  I mean, why wouldn’t I, my style is my style; I like what I like.  However, I don’t need to! (more…)




So I have this jacket, I found it while vintage shopping with my aunt; and I believe it is the single most complemented thing I own, or have ever owned!  It’s a Spalding NBA bomber jacket, the idea is that the jacket looks like the Spalding basketball; and it really does, the leather has been perfectly textured.  Dressed up and dressed down, it is everything!!!

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The UK’s first lifestyle box for women of colour has landed!!!

my ebony box

My “My Ebony Box” arrived over the weekend, full of treats for my hair, body, belly and more.

“What’s that?” I hear you ask.  Belly?  Yes I said belly…!

Curated specifically for women of colour, my Ebony Box is a monthly subscription box; each box will feature established, boutique, and independent brands; designed to empower, uplift, and enrich your mind, body and soul.

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Gotta start kicking layering up a notch as the cold has started to set in!



Layering matters!  One – because it looks good, and two – because it’s Autumn and the chill is well and truly kicking in!  I decided to do the whole tee under a slip dress thing, and throw a thick cardigan over the top; the denim jacket was added to break up the greyness, the extra layer didn’t hurt either.

As short as this outfit is, I was surprisingly warm!  Layering is definitely key, regardless of length.

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