“What is this life, if full of care, we have no time, to stand and stare!” Welsh poet W.H. Davis had penned these lines in 1911. How appropriate these still remain! Leisure is an expensive luxury. And if you are a lady, on top of that a working lady with kids, this just doesn’t appear anywhere in the picture. Does it mean that while on that office party or family get together, when everyone is looking their best, you should feel let down by your own appearance? We totally disagree. We come up with little quick beauty tips which may help you to rush into that happening party when you have just about 10 minutes to get done with your make up!

1)     Cleanse – It will take about a minute for you to cleanse your face, but cleansing helps you to remove the accumulated dirt and sebum. Ensure you buy a gentle face cleanser which doesn’t include too many synthetic agents. Pat dry once done.

2)     Tone – You’d require the next minute to restore the PH balance of your skin and for closing the opened pores. Toning will leave your skin radiant and glowing and you will instantly start feeling the confidence gushing through.

3)     Foundation and Sun Screen – Even if the party is indoors, you may want to apply your sun screen as it keeps your skin natural and supple for a longer duration. We suggest take 3-4 drops of both foundation and sun screen on your palm, mix them up and dot your face up from chin to forehead. Then gently spread it using your fingers. Make sure your fingers reach every corner of your face as you definitely don’t want to look fair on face and dark on corners. Give it two minutes as you want to be sure about the base of your make up. 

4)     Concealer – Use a good quality concealer to ensure that your dark circles stay hidden. Just draw a line with the stick and blend it in your skin with your fingers. We emphasize on usage of your fingers because nothing can help your skin feel better than your own skin. Take a minute to get this done. If you have other dark patches or blemishes on your skin, you may want to conceal those as well.

5)     Blush: Smile a little in the mirror. For two reasons – you will instantly feel relaxed and your cheekbones will highlight themselves to make your job simpler. Just dab a little blush on them and broaden it in rounded motions. Use a brush for this if you’d like, but we would still suggest fingers. Another minute for this and your face is ready for a lift up.

6)     Eyes: Look up in such a way that your eyes look in the mirror and the lashes skywards. Brush mascara evenly from roots to tips of the eyelashes. If you do not wish to use a liner, brush the mascara a little darker so that it gives the liner effect. Otherwise just draw a small line on the upper eyelid and fill the lid with your cheekiest eye shadow. Take 2 minutes for this, as you’d like to make sure your eyes exude all charm.

7)     Lips: Dab a little foundation on your lips with your fingers. This helps the lip color to last long. Draw a fine line around your lips with a lip liner of a similar but darker shade as your chosen lip color. Now dab the lip color and fill your lips up blending the color with the liner. Kiss a tissue to remove the excess color off your lips. Just about 2 minutes for this and you are done.

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