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Many people harbour unfulfilled ambitions to start a blog, but finding the time can be tricky – sometimes we need a kick to get started. However, as Fashion Week rolls around again, there’s no better time to start a fashion blog. Wannabe bloggers will find plenty of inspiration on the catwalks this season, so all that remains to be conquered is the technical know-how…

Choosing a Hosting Service and a Domain Name

The first step to starting any blog is to choose a web hosting service. The biggest and most popular providers at the moment include Tumblr, Blogger and WordPress. Tumblr is ideal for image-heavy posts, Blogger is especially suited to internet novices and WordPress offers more options for customisation for the more web savvy user. Websites such as  can help with this process. After selecting a hosting service, the next stop is choosing a domain name.  A domain name or URL is how readers find a blog, so it should be memorable, and ideally bear some relation to what the blog is actually about.

Building a Brand

There are no required qualifications to become a blogger, and so fashion blogs are ten a penny. So what does a blogger need to do in order to stand out?  First off, they need to be good. It may sound obvious, but there are loads of bad blogs out there – one instant way a writer can stand out from the crowd is to ensure that their posts are well-written, interesting and free from spelling and grammatical errors, as well as making use of eye-catching photos and videos too. The second step to standing out is to build a brand.  Every new fashion blogger needs to find their niche, whether that’s street style photography backdrops in UK, trend prediction or simple style advice. It might not come right away, but once it does, a blogger is on their way to building their own unique brand and voice.

Reaching Out

Of course, no blog can be successful without readers, so the final step for fashion entrepreneurs is to find some fans.  Popular methods include linking the blog to a related Twitter account, starting a Facebook page for the blog and using SEO text and keywords to climb up the search results. Once a fashion blog has regular readers, there’s no limits to how what it can do.

Image: Tumblr.

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