Before you drink yet another traditional energy drink it’s important you understand why you are lacking energy and why drinks like Red Bull aren’t doing anything for your health. 6 Vitamin Shots have been developed to banish fatigue and welcome a new way of delivering that much needed energy boost.

So how do 6 Vitamin Shots work and how is this HUGELY different from other energy drinks?

Essentially energy CAN ONLY come from calories which is why most energy drinks are jam packed full of kcals and sugar. 6 Vitamin Shots only have 10 calories which in energy-drink terms is nothing and contain no sugar whatsoever. This is because vitamins and minerals of course have no calories. The reason people feel tired and listless is often due to a poor diet or one that contains little iron and B vitamins both of which are essential for controlling mood, depression and nerves. Iron helps the blood go around the body, so if you’re low in iron you feel breathless, fed-up and as if everything is an effort. A lack of vitamin B can make you feel tired and weak along with making skin look pale and hair lack-lustre.

That is where 6 comes in. One LITTLE bottle of 6 contains a very LARGE concentration of B Vitamins, replenishing your diminished stock and eliminating fatigue instead of momentarily preventing it. Not only does 6 contain all of your vital daily vitamins but the little shot packs a huge punch with

6 Vitamin Shots are available for £2.50 per bottle.


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