012 in 2010 – Benetton Re-Opening

I remember (she says, sounding like an old lady) when I was a lil girl, my mom would dress me head to toe in H&M, nanny’s boutique finds, or Benetton 012.

Benetton was the lick “back in the day”, even Barbie was rocking it. Before all the controversial ads there  was the fashion.

Twenty odd years later they’re making a come back with their new flagship store in Oxford Circus. The Glam Squad went in to see what Benetton was bringing for AW10.

Emily from Fashion Fois Gras with Butters the fashion dog
Official photographer for the launch, Kristin Knox aka The Clothes Whisperer

Members of the public were given a chance to come in, don the new collection, get made over, and snapped in their own Benetton ad. It’s all part of a new plan to make Benetton young and cool again.

Whoever purchased on the night was given a goody bag

While there I got snap happy with my Deluxe Freaks…

Alisa Afkhami
Charlotte Smith aka Style Cartel
Lira Leirner aka The Portmanteau

The lady from the Dove Pro Age advert

Lovebox – Day 1

I was lucky enough to be invited to Lovebox Festival in Victoria Park this weekend. The event is organised by Groove Armada, usually it’s two days but this year was it’s first 3 day festival! If you read my first Lovebox article then you’ll know Friday was Pop-Tastic day. I went with Charlotte from Glam Media/Style Cartel and we took a bunch of style snaps of my Deluxe Freaks for you to feast on…

Denim & Blue


Leather & Monochrome

Floral & Brights

Checked Shirts

League of their Own

So Friday was fun, The Noisettes were great. Their outfits were made by Bert’s (Yorkshire Pearl) assistant! Bib props there. I was looking forward to seeing the cheeky chappy Dizzee, he didn’t disappoint but I’ve seen his set so many times on TV that I was really blown away. Sunday was by far the best day, stay tuned for pics.