Leading nail brand Nails Inc have developed a nail polish range especially for the Gossip Girl fans. If you fancy being adored like Serena, powerful like Blair or respected like Lily, Nails Inc are bringing you one step closer to becoming part of Manhattan’s elite!

Clockwise from top centre: Lily Collection, Serena Collection, Blair Collection.

I coincidentally got the ‘Serena’ mani at the press day during the summer, which I fell in love with! It wasn’t called Serena at the time though, maybe they spelled it wrong and it should be Cyrena? Hmmm…

Anyway, the overglaze polishes have hand cut particles to give your nails a futuristic, dramatic show stopping finish.

Blair Collection: Teal Black ‘Blair’ nail polish teamed with ‘Privileged’ blue/green overglaze top coat.

Serena Collection: Patent Black ‘Serena’ nail polish teamed with ‘It Girl’ electric blue overglaze top coat.

Lily Collection: Plum Black ‘Lily’ nail polish teamed with ‘High Society’ red/green overglaze top coat.

Why not get all 3 and mix and match. What do you think of the Gossip Girl collection?