Can you believe only one fifth of British women are aware of basic rules when it comes to applying make up?  Well, if we really think about it, then yes I guess it is pretty believable!

Online hair retailer gave a focus group of women a list of ten make up rules and asked them which ones they were aware of; bringing to light the top ten beauty mistakes we make.

Only one in five women said they had heard of all ten tips which include only putting foundation on certain parts of your face, priming skin before applying make up and not wearing bold blushers and lipsticks together.

Other tips on the list were, not exfoliating too often, only applying make up to hydrated skin, using an eyebrow pencil for definition, not reshaping, matching lip liner to lip colour, washing make up brushes, using liquid eyeliner before mascara, and not over powdering your face.

The team at has listed the ten essential make up guidelines all women should be aware of:

1) Only apply foundation to certain parts of the face

You may think you need to apply foundation to every area on your face but this isn’t the case. Foundation is designed to cover up blemishes and uneven skin so only apply it to the areas that need it.  If you feel you need foundation on your nose for example, then apply it there and buffer around it to blend it in.  The trick is to get a good foundation that matches your skin shade perfectly so you can’t see a colour difference.

2) Use eyebrow pencil for definition not reshaping 

Defining your eyebrows is really important as eyebrows help to shape the face. However, many people exaggerate their brows too much drawing attention to them when really they should be more natural.  Lightly shading eyebrows is likely to add some definition without altering the shape completely.

3) Match your lip liner with your lip colour

Lip liner is a great way to enhance the shape of your lips, but using too much can have the opposite effect.  Over doing lip liner and using dark and harsh shades can create an unattractive ring around the edges, drawing attention to the lip for the wrong reasons.  Find a lip liner that matches your lip colour, use it around the edges and blend it lightly.

4) Don’t exfoliate too often

People often think exfoliating everyday is likely to make their skin clearer and healthier but this isn’t the case. Over exfoliating is one of the top causes of skin breakouts and can strip away valuable natural oils.  Depending on your skin, you should aim to exfoliate three times a week using exfoliating gloves and a gentle cleanser.

5) Always prime your skin before applying make up

Priming your face before applying make-up is essential if you want to ensure your make up stays put.  The priming stage is often overlooked but without it make up is likely to smudge off.  Invest in a good primer and put it on just before you apply your make-up for a lasting effect.

6) Avoid wearing bold blusher and lipstick together

One make up sin, which many commit, is wearing bright blusher and lipstick together as it often looks over the top. Here, a less is more approach definitely works better.  Before you apply your make up, think about the look you are wanting to create, decide whether it’s a bright lip or bright cheek day. 

7) Wash make up brushes regularly

Every time we use a make up brush, bacteria spreads across the face resulting in blemishes.  To avoid this, use hot water and soap to soak your brushes and remove excess make up or invest in a good brush cleanser and spritz them after usage.

8) Apply make up to well hydrated skin

Putting make up on before making sure skin is well hydrated is likely to make life difficult.  Moisturising is a must everyday because it’s good for your skin but it also acts a hydrator that will make make up application much easier

9) Put liquid eyeliner on before mascara

For many, their beauty regime sees them opt for mascara before lining the top of their eye-lid.  In actual fact, it’s easier to apply eyeliner first when eyelashes aren’t done.  You can be more precise with the lining brush without worrying about ruining your finished eyelashes.

10) Don’t over powder your face

Using a liquid foundation is a great way to even out complexions and cover any blemishes.  Often, it’s good to use a powder on top to help set the face.  However, be careful not to over powder your face as this can change a dewy flawless look to a bumpy uneven face.  Avoid this by only applying a small amount on top of set foundation.

BAD MAKEUPHow many did you know about, be honest!

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