If you think your hair and beauty regime is perfect, then think again. A new study by professional hair care website Hairtrade.com has show that nine out of ten British women admit to making grooming mistakes almost every day. Among them are washing their hair too much, not taking care of finger nails, neglecting their necks and forgetting to wash make up brushes. Here are the top ten beauty mistakes and how to rectify them.

1.     Washing hair too much

You may believe that by washing your hair every day you’re keeping it squeaky clean and in top condition. You’re wrong. Washing your locks so frequently means you strip them of their natural oils and are actually doing more harm than good. This is an easy mistake to put right – try washing your hair every other day then, over time, stretch it to every three days. You’ll find your hair looks healthier and you’ll get an extra half hour in bed in the morning.

One woman who took part in the study commented: “I always washed my hair every day until about six months ago when my hairdresser told me to stop. I’m now an every other day hair washer – not only does it save me time in the morning, my hair looks a lot healthier too.”

2.     Applying too much conditioner

Most us apply conditioner all over our hair, just as we do with shampoo. The hair at our roots is new, healthier growth, however that at the tips is older and more likely to be damaged. So concentrate on the tips of your hair – it will save you conditioner and leave those ends looking better and full of volume.

3.     Not using a heat protector

There really is no excuse for not protecting your hair when you use hairdryers and straighteners most days. Blasting your hair with all that heat without shielding it in someway will leave it dry, frizzy and in poor condition.

4.     Tying your ponytail in the same place

If you always wear your hair up in a tight ponytail, then try not to tie it in exactly the same place every day. It can cause too much tension on the hair and over time can weaken it.

5.     Forgetting to wash make-up brushes

It’s one of those jobs you know you should do but just can’t be bothered. If you fail to give your brushes a good clean then not only will you have mixed colours, you’re also allowing bacteria to build up. Aim to give your brushes a clean once a week.

“I’m guilty of never washing my make up brushes. It is the one job I always put off even though it only takes a matter of minutes.”

6.     Neglecting your neck

As part of your daily skin care routine, do you cleanse and moisturise your neck? Thought not. Don’t stop at your chin, make sure you carry on and take care of the thin, delicate skin on your neck. This area can be prone to sensitivity so it is really important to look after it.

7.     Over-treating and over-covering spots

It’s too easy to apply every spot cream you have to your face as soon as you have a breakout, but don’t. They work on your skin for hours so make sure you always follow the pack instructions to the letter. Likewise, don’t cake them in make-up. Your skin needs time to breath.

8.     Applying foundation before moisturiser is dry

Moisturiser needs time to dry so give it a minute before you start applying your foundation. The creaminess of moisturiser can cause make up to thin out, so if you apply too quickly you’ll get a streaky look.

9.     Plucking eyebrows too close to the mirror

If you pluck too close to the mirror you find yourself looking at every hair rather than looking at the overall shape of your eyebrows. This can leave you with thin, uneven brows. Instead use a large mirror and take a couple of steps back so you can see your whole face, not just your eyebrows.

10.  Yellow nails

If you love nail art and never leave the house without a new design or colour on your talons, then you could be prone to yellow nails. Constant decoration can change the natural colour of the nails. The answer? Always apply a base coat and this will help prevent the stains.

A spokeswoman for Hairtrade.com said: “We all make hair and beauty and mistakes but the good news is they can easily be put right and by doing so, may even save you time and money.” Despite being easy to rectify, many of the women claimed they’d always done things this way so the mistakes became habit. Make a note of the bad habits you have from this list, keep it wherever you do your hair & make up (make several if you need to) this way you can catch yourself when you’re about to make a beauty mistake and eventually make the right way your habit!

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