Winter can mean a time for big puffy coats that hide a lot of your body. This can make you feel less attractive and take its toll on your confidence and self-esteem. There can be many other reasons for your confidence disappearing. Let’s take a look at some of the ways you can gain your confidence back once more. 

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Occasionally your confidence can take a nose-dive if you think none of your clothes look appealing. This is far from the case and if you ask your family and friends they tell you that you look beautiful in everything you wear. Sometimes this isn’t what you want to hear as you may assume they are only saying that because they care about your feelings. 

If you open your wardrobe every morning and dread having to choose something to wear you are not alone. Thousands of other women just like you have trouble picking clothes and tend to stick to the same staple outfit over and over. 

Why not make a weekend out of it and head to the shops in search of new outfits. You could even get your girlfriends involved in choosing different outfits. If you are all trying outfits on then you won’t stand out as much. You can also take advantage of the personal shopper service if you have one in your local store. This is someone who helps you choose the right outfits to suit you and your body shape. There is no pressure to buy the outfits they choose either. 


If you think you may be having a continuous bad hair day then this can wreck your confidence. We can assure you that your hair looks absolutely fine and your conscience is telling you porky pies. However, if you want to change it up at home there are lots of things you can do. You can change the style and even the colour. You can’t alter the length at home unless you are trained and even then it’s tricky. Your confidence may prevent you from visiting the hairdressers so doing stuff at home to improve your hair is the only option. You can buy box dyes if you fancy a colour change, these are pretty straightforward to do. You can also use straighteners, curlers, and volumisers at home to create new looks. 

If you do feel brave enough to venture out to the hairdressers sthen they can do wonders and make you feel like a brand new woman. They can do whatever you want to your hair. This may include a change in the length, you can even get length added these days in the form of extensions. They can take a good chunk off as well, you could go in with lovely long hair and come out with a funky bob cut. They can also colour your hair any colour you want. They may advise on the best colour as it has to match your hair colour now. 


You might take a look in the mirror and not like what you see staring back at you. Rest assured there is nothing wrong with you. When your confidence takes a dip anything and everything can look unappealing to your eyes. However, if you think your appearance needs some work then of course there are many options available for you. First, you need to think if there is anything you are doing that is causing you to have skin problems. You might be sleeping in your makeup and this is causing you to age prematurely. You must ensure you take your makeup off at the end of each day. 

You may also be suffering from breakouts or acne. If this is the case then some treatments and medicines can help with this. You may need to go and visit a dermatologist for them to prescribe something for you. You could also take online assessments through online pharmacies. One treatment available for acne is called differin. You can apply for differin acne treatment here. But it’s not just your face that might need some TLC. You need to make sure you are correctly hydrating and moisturising your skin. The appearance of cellulite can become more prominent if you don’t care for your skin. Clinics such as LipoTherapeia can be part of your approach to improving cellulite and reducing it as much as possible.

Talk to someone 

Finally, if you find your confidence isn’t improving after trying a variety of options then the problem may be deeper-rooted. This may mean that you could benefit from talking therapies with counsellors and therapists. This can seem daunting and like you are a failure but that isn’t the case. You are wanting to better yourself and therapists can help with this. They can listen to you, and help you navigate through the minefield that is confidence and self-esteem. Once you have spoken about anything that may be causing it they will help you come up with solutions to rectify the problem. 

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