If you are a tall woman like me, then I know you know how it feels to walk into a room only to find that all the people in the room are staring at you because of your height. This moment may seem funny to others but for you it is as if all the eyes are on you such that you feel uncomfortable due to all the unwanted attention that you’re getting. This could be because you’re not fully confident about your attire and fashion sense; you’re not sure if what you are wearing is stylish enough to make an impression. But, there is no need for that sort of worry if you follow the 5 simple tips below for tall women to look trendy and stylish.

  1. Wear Flat-Footed Footwear

When it comes to tall women, people often scan them from top to bottom. So it is quite natural for people to look at their legs to see whether they are wearing heels or not. This means you are sure to catch the attention of the people. So better opt for flat-footed footwear such as shoes or sandals that are comfortable. And if you don’t have any flat-footed footwear, you can find a number of amazing collections of shoes at Joules.

  1. Go Bright And Blingy

Wearing something bright will grab others attention towards you. So adding some bright colors in your outfit will make you look awesome. It is not necessary that you add more colors, but little can do the magic. Or else, you can even wear a bright belt to show off your thin waist or wear red heels with black dress to divert people’s attention to your feet.

  1. Show Some Skin Baby

If you are a tall woman, you have more skin to show off which you should surely do. But too much of skin-show can spoil your look, so make sure that you show only one area of your body. Like if you are planning to wear a backless top, make sure that you wear a jeans or a long skirt with that. This way you will be able to grab the attention of the onlookers where you want.

  1. Opt For Over-Sized Accessories

For a tall woman, there is nothing wrong in going for over-sized accessories. The reason is your body won’t look crowded like that of your shorter friends. You can go for tank tops and jeans with a big bag, or a shift dress with a thick belt and you won’t look bad. Just make sure that you choose only one over-sized accessory per your outfit so that you don’t look gaudy.

  1. ‘Minimum’ Should Be Your Theme

Always make sure that you don’t flood yourself with too many accessories. Remember that your main attraction is your height and so wearing two or three pieces will be enough for you. You can get these fashionable accessories for less from Deals lands UK. So keep the accessories to a minimum and steal the show.

So, if you are tall woman then make full use of the physical dominance gifted to you by nature by following the above-mentioned fashion tips and thereby stand out from the crowd, literally!!

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