The fashion world is known for its high prices.  Scan the prices listed in any high fashion magazine and you might wonder if there is any hope for someone of average means to dress to impress.  Shopping for clothes can deplete your resources fairly quickly, so it’s important to have a few tricks up your sleeves like utilizing consumer-savings sites such as, especially for large retailers like Macy’s.  But what can you do to save money when it’s time to go shopping for clothes?  Give the following tips a try the next time you want to update your wardrobe.

  • Set a budgetMarie Claire suggests, before you go shopping for the latest styles, set a realistic budget for what you can afford to spend.  Think about all aspects of your wardrobe that you might need to update, casual and formal wear, work attire, shoes.  Plan ahead how much you will spend on these items, or whether you actually need to spend anything.  Do your shoes really need updating yet?  Don’t forget to factor in your other expenses as well.  It wouldn’t do to forego paying your utilities in favor of that new pair of pants.  By having this in mind ahead of time, you will be less likely to splurge on something you can’t really afford.
  • Do It Yourself:  Often we look to celebrities for the latest in fashion.  But what they’re wearing are often the items we are least likely to be able to afford.  Instead, it’s a good idea to look at what you already have in your wardrobe for things that can be modified to mimic the latest styles.  InStyle gives three examples of celebrity looks that can be copied with what you already have in your closet; two suggestions for changing skirts, and one idea for adding decorative dots to a pair of flats.  With this tip you’ll spend much less money than if you actually went to a department store looking for something comparable to what you saw in the pages of a magazine.
  • Mix and Match:  If you do end up going shopping, as will likely happen at some point, there are many stores that offer quality clothes for reasonable prices.  Think of H&M and J Crew.  As GQ points out, it’s important to buy items that can work well with many different things in your closet.  Mixing and matching your new clothes will help you save money.  Avoid buying something that has only one match in your wardrobe.

Fashionable clothes always cost some money, but there are ways to avoid spending all your hard-earned cash on just a few items.  Make sure you follow these tips the next time you’re thinking of planning a trip to the mall.  You’ll be happy with what you’re wearing as well as with what you saved.


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